Oracle Invites HR Leaders to Discuss Changing Roles, New Challenges Due To COVID-19: Adapting to the Changing Standards of Work

April 23, 2020 | 2 minute read
Albert Qian
Content marketing manager for HCM
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If these volatile times have you spooked, you’re certainly not alone. The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed how enterprises approach work, particularly as many of their employees are now working remotely or have been furloughed.

With a sudden change in HR operations from several months ago and an end not quite yet in sight, short-term strategic approaches, a focus on agile business, and operational resilience have come to the forefront of leadership conversations. (Click to Tweet)

However, as overwhelming as everything may be, there are solutions and best practices HR leaders can take to ensure a smooth transition into the new normal.  Many companies have already begun the process of becoming more resilient, including re-defining job taxonomies to train for new skills to fight COVID-19, connecting workers at scale in virtual environments to drive productivity, engaging in mergers and acquisitions to consolidate operations, and managing contingent workers for the long term. 

Join Accenture and Oracle for a webinar discussing how companies can adjust their workforces during COVID-19.

One organization at the front lines with our customers as they navigate these changes and weigh the risks on their business is Accenture’s Brandon Johnson, who serves as the Managing Director of the consulting firm’s Oracle HCM, finance, and supply chain practices

Join him this coming Monday, April 27 (Noon PST) on the Coaches Corner:  HR Leadership Series on COVID-19.  He will be discussing strategic approaches to the changing landscape of work, including how Accenture is managing 100,000 of their own employees through this crisis. 

You’ll also hear about: 

  • The top technical building blocks your HR leadership needs to understand for critical response and future growth.
  • Accenture’s People + Work initiative and how it will transform how businesses operate and can keep employees on staff.
  • Empathy’s importance in guiding companies during this time—and why this is the most important.
  • The lasting impacts of COVID-19 and the permanent imprint it will leave on employers. 
  • And much more! 

For those interested in participating, please visit our Cloud Customer Connect community page and login into “HCM—Coaches Corner: HR Leadership Series on COVID-19.” We welcome all senior HR leaders, change management experts, business line leaders, technical experts, and any customer or partner interested in brainstorming about new workforce strategies evolving from the COVID-19 crisis. This Leadership Series will take place every Monday during April and May, covering a wide variety of current HR topics and speakers. 

Register today at the Oracle Customer Connect Community.

Albert Qian

Content marketing manager for HCM

Albert Qian is the senior content marketing manager for the Oracle Cloud HCM Campaigns team and the editor-in-chief for this blog. He's passionate about telling the story of HR technology and how it can create better workforces.

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