On the 12th Day of Giving HR Gave to Me, Twelve Help Desk Answers…

December 23, 2019 | 3 minute read
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By James Coleman, Contributing Writer 

Show Employees Your Appreciation with HR Help Desk... 

Have you heard? Employee experience is now a thing, and it’s set to become much bigger in the coming years as organizations try ever harder to retain good talent and avoid costly unplanned attrition. Forbes defines EX as “the sum of everything an employee experiences throughout [their] connection to the organization—every employee interaction, from the first contact as a potential recruit to the last interaction after the end of employment.” In their 2018 article, they cited EX as a valid reason for companies to step up their game in workforce retention. It’s a positive and cheerful sentiment entirely in keeping with the holiday season.

It’s also smart business, as projections based on more than 272,000 exit interviews reveal one in three workers quitting their jobs voluntarily by 2023. At a conservatively estimated US$15,000 per worker, costs to US employers in 2018 for voluntary turnover exceeded US$600 billion. Voluntary turnover costs were up 8.3% from 2017 to 2018.

This holiday season, give your employees the gift of easy answers.

Strengthening the Emotional Ties
Modern technology plays a central role in EX as employees now expect the same level of quality and convenience in the tools they use at the office as they receive from their consumer devices at home. According to the writers at Staffbase, successful EX design focuses on HR products and services that strengthen the emotional connections people have to their work, no matter the setting. Organizations are expected to provide the best tools available in order for their employees to do their jobs.

Quickly assisting your employees when they have questions will only create warmer feelings, which is why a cloud help desk solution belongs in your toolkit. Oracle HR Help Desk integrates with our Oracle Digital Assistant technology to make it easy for employees to find answers to their questions from any device, while ensuring data privacy and security commensurate with their unique HR needs. As a key component of the user-friendly Oracle HCM Cloud, Oracle HR Help Desk can help your team of HR professionals:

  • Deliver consistent HR services to every employee using a complete case management solution that intelligently routes each inquiry to the right HR specialist 
  • Get the right answers quickly by leveraging a robust and AI-enabled knowledgebase
  • Help with complex queries such as employee relations cases, while supporting security and data privacy
  • Offer instant answers derived from natural language inputs with our natively built Oracle Digital Assistant. 

CX and CRM consultant Boxfusion gets what we’re after, saying Oracle HR Help Desk “opens up a world of convenience for employees and their HR department when it comes to case management and questions from employees.”

Because Employees Are Customers Too
Think of employee experience as being on the same level as customer experience and you’ll be ahead of the game. Because employees are your customers, and they appreciate great service as much as the next person. Make the most of the minutes your employees spend working with your products and services and the hours they save by using a more intuitive and useful solution. On this 12th and final day of giving, ask yourself, is there any better gift than time?

Contact us to learn more about Oracle HR Help Desk and Oracle HCM Cloud.

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