Mobile Challenge Re-Issued – Calling All HCM Vendors to Be This Easy

January 27, 2021 | 4 minute read
Chris Leone
Senior Vice President, Oracle Applications Development
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Customers compare to find the best. They win when they ‘try before they buy’ and experience products firsthand. Leading vendors confidently welcome such competition: Pepsi versus Coke. Mac versus PC. Netflix versus Blockbuster. 

Each of these rivalries shares a common thread, where one product clearly won over the other because of a superior user experience. It’s no different across HCM solutions—where there is a clear winner that just makes you say, ‘Wow!’. 

At Oracle, our customers are saying Wow.

No other vendor delivers an engaging user experience as we do. Employees are productive, anytime, anywhere, right from their mobile device. We’re so confident in our experience, we’ve thrown down the gauntlet.  We challenged the competition to go head-to-head with us on experience when we issued the Mobile Challenge, and the market has made its voice clear on Oracle’s leadership!

What’s the Mobile Challenge? 

We first issued the Mobile Challenge back in 2018—letting anyone try the Oracle Cloud HCM experience, in an easy, hands-on way right from their phone. Within seconds users are immediately experiencing the power. Since then over 15,000 users from 1,500 companies have taken the Mobile Challenge with a 97% positive rating.

HR systems touch every person in the organization, but only individuals know what they need. The ability to ask for what you want, and to get information and work done in the way you naturally engage, is table stakes for how interfaces of the future will operate, and Oracle delivers this today, through 100% mobile availability.

This isn’t consumer software where one-size-fits-all. Banks use installed applications to present a fixed and consistent set of transactions to individuals using their services. The experience we’re talking about goes beyond this—it is enterprise software that can be tailored to the branding and culture of your organization, yet personalized for individuals based on their unique usage patterns and data relationships within your solution. Oracle’s mobile responsive approach ensures that every engagement is 100% consistent yet relevant for each individual.

Take the Oracle Cloud HCM Mobile Challenge today and start transforming your HR quickly.

Experience the difference!

We’ve designed an experience that supports each individual—personalized and intuitive across every device. 

Oracle Cloud HCM is mobile responsive, meaning that there are no native mobile apps to manage—all workflows are accessible right from the browser. That means employees receive a consistent experience—with the same branding, workflows, and information, whether they’re on a desktop, tablet, or phone. It also means that you don’t need to worry about managing additional security risks, or training employees on how or when to use a separate application.

In addition, a smart digital assistant makes it easy to get answers or accomplish tasks simply through chat, voice, or text. You can start from over 35 types of HR transactions and then build your own skills to help address frequently asked questions. It’s available in your employees’ native languages and works on any device—easily accessible for all.  

Mobile Challenge re-issued – bigger, better, and virtual

Today, the challenge remains, and now it’s bigger, better, and fully virtual. Participants can try an array of self-service employee and managerial transactions delivered in fun settings—like a game show with points for completing tasks, or a virtual escape room requiring teamwork to get out. 

We’ve also expanded the things to try. This includes personalized journeys—providing guided workflows for scenarios like returning to work, onboarding new hires, updating personal information, or growing your career. It includes access to supportive resources like Oracle HR Help Desk and the knowledgebase. And it includes new digital assistant transactions, like getting answers on HR policies, seeing best-fit jobs, updating goals, and applying for internal transfers.

What are others saying about it?

The challenge has been taken by thousands of HR professionals with a 97% satisfaction rate. Here’s what a few HR leaders and industry analysts had to say: 

“When vendors are confident how well their software works, they give it to prospective users and even industry analysts to evaluate and use them in a trial. Oracle has done that with the Mobile Challenge, showing how easy it is to use and operate its mobile platform – easy login, intuitive UI, and very good performance.”
Holger Mueller | Principal Analyst & VP | Constellation Research, Inc.

“We tested the Oracle Mobile Challenge with over 250 colleagues across the business and found a clear preference from most for Oracle over Workday. Colleagues especially appreciated the Mobile Responsive Web experience versus installing apps, and how easily it works with Microsoft teams.”
Allie Boddington | Head of HR Transformation | Marks & Spenser

“There is nothing better than touching, feeling, and EXPERIENCING. The Oracle Mobile Challenge helped all in the analyst community truly experience what Oracle has built and imagine where it will take the industry into the future. We can all visualize what the NOW of work should look like, but being able to experience it makes it real and proves to our industry that we are ready to truly transform work. Thank you, Oracle for making this experience available to us and working to create the future of the industry.”
Jason Averbook | CEO/Co-Founder | Leapgen

Give it a try!

Now it’s time to try it for yourself, and see how a more intuitive, personalized, and consistent experience changes everything. Give it a try to experience the difference! 

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Chris Leone

Senior Vice President, Oracle Applications Development

Chris Leone is senior vice president of development for Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud, including Oracle Global HR Cloud and Oracle Talent Management Cloud. In this role, Leone is responsible for the strategy, product management, product development, and product go-to-market functions that deliver modern HR in the cloud to global users.

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