MAREK Leverages Oracle Cloud HCM to Support Its Most Valuable Asset: Its People

September 30, 2020 | 3 minute read
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Keep it in the Family Award Winner: Sabra Phillips, Director of Talent Development, MAREK

In the world of business, making employees feel like part of the family is crucial to retaining and growing top talent. Investments in employee development can pay off big time for both employers and employees by strengthening internal relationships and providing a platform for people to learn and succeed. 

MAREK, an 82-year old specialty contractor headquartered in Houston, Texas, understands the value of fostering a strong relationship with its workers and creating a sense of family among its team members. In an industry known for workers who frequently switch jobs, MAREK stands out for its commitment to forging long-lasting relationships with its employees, who can continuously grow and develop over the course of their careers. 

Sabra Phillips, MAREK’s Director of Talent Development, and colleague Bobby Skyles, Director of Human Resources, recognized the company’s need for a platform that would serve as “one-stop” for employees and managers to easily access everything they need to manage their careers. The company required a high-caliber system with advanced mobile features, including the option for employees to interact with the platform in their preferred language. With their previous system, MAREK did not have one centralized place where team members could connect with one another and access their performance and learning goals. MAREK saw the implementation of Oracle Cloud HCM as an opportunity to increase communication among employees and managers, as well as better position MAREK to attract, retain, and grow its workforce. An important goal was to establish a focus on career development in order to keep the company’s valuable employees in the MAREK family. 

Read about how MAREK leveraged Oracle Cloud HCM to support its workforce and earn the Keep it in the Family Rubies Award.

As MAREK was exploring Oracle Cloud HCM Talent Management, they recognized that a missing link was employee and manager visibility into skill-building progress and career development. MAREK worked proactively with their Oracle representative to customize the tool to heavily focus on creating visibility and traction that could deliver solid career paths for every employee. The MAREK project team also worked with their internal project management office to select an implementation partner firm to assist in executing an efficient integration of Oracle Cloud HCM. The company’s desire to provide employees with the best possible learning opportunities and workplace community was clear in their dedicated approach to completing the project.

“MAREK’s tagline is ‘Strength from Within.’ The tools available within Oracle Cloud HCM equip us to better harness this strength, unleash the amazing talent that exists at MAREK, and help grow people.” – Sabra Phillips

Though the company is still early in its implementation, MAREK has already leveraged Oracle Cloud HCM to conduct virtual open enrollment, deliver critical online learning, and improve its performance evaluation process. Additionally, MAREK team members now have a way to track progress through career development goal setting. These capabilities provide employees with new opportunities to learn and succeed, as well as the ability to strengthen their professional networks throughout the entire organization.

MAREK now has the foundation to ensure that employees feel valued and can continue to grow and develop. This heightened employee engagement has already helped foster connectivity within the company and is helping MAREK keep its top talent in the family. 

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