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October 26, 2020 | 2 minute read
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Productive Powerhouse Award Winner: Cecily Tinberg, Senior HRIS Analyst, TTX Company

To keep powering HR while implementing an entirely new HCM system, you need to have a thorough understanding of where you’re coming from and a clear vision of where you’re going – something Senior HRIS Analyst Cecily Tinberg had as she paved the way for TTX Company to drive HR productivity during its implementation of Oracle Cloud HCM

Before its cloud transformation, TTX Company manually juggled multiple systems to execute its HR processes and store data, which limited the company in its reporting and analytics capabilities. The company required a solution that would unify its HR systems onto a single platform and enable real-time reporting and analytics to provide leadership with up-to-date information. With these requirements in mind, TTX Company’s leadership team tapped Oracle Cloud HCM as the powerhouse for the job. 

Cecily collaborated with the HR team and implementation partner Cognizant to drive a seamless transition. Using her extensive knowledge of existing systems, she served as an interlocutor for technology integration that included matching organizational needs to Oracle Cloud HCM capabilities, designing and testing modules to fit use cases, and overseeing platform testing to ensure a smooth integration. Cecily’s technological savvy coupled with the efforts of the HR team enabled the company to find ways to efficiently cleanse data in preparation for conversion and ensure that the needs of each HR team member were fully met by the new system. 

Discover how TTX Company found greater productivity with Oracle Cloud HCM, winning them the Productivity Powerhouse Rubies Award.

These efforts led to numerous productivity accomplishments for TTX Company, including

  • Reducing annual maintenance of the centralized absence management system for both corporate and field workers, totaling 2,300 employees
  • Eliminating cumbersome wage calculations by streamlining the number of work hours for all employees
  • Decreasing payroll run efforts by over 50% by whittling the number of payroll systems down to two
  • Simplifying the labor-intensive job requisition process
  • Streamlining onboarding and offboarding processes across the employee base

As a result of this implementation, TTX Company can better manage its business processes including recruitment and hiring, while speeding up its strategic decision-making. By staying on top of new trends and processes in the HR space, the company can find and secure top talent and provide a five-star employee experience. All in all, with the help of Oracle Cloud HCM’s powerful productivity capabilities, TTX Company now has an established roadmap to achieving its goals for the future. 

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