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July 9, 2020 | 2 minute read
Albert Qian
Content marketing manager for HCM
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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to change how companies conduct business. Undoubtedly as a leader, you’re looking for the best resources to help guide you through uncertain times. Check out some of the events we’ve planned this summer, no matter where you might be. 

Prepare for the New Workplace with Oracle’s Employee Care Package | July 14 | 11:30 am PST: Learn how Oracle customer and leading global manufacturer, marketer, and distributor Bimeda Holdings is using our Oracle Employee Care Package solution to support their employees, promote safe workplace environments, and optimize their workforce operations. 

The Peer 150 Webcast Series — Employee Fulfillment and Remote Work | July 24 | 10 am: Join Pamela Stroko, VP of HCM Transformation at Oracle and Aaron Hurst, CEO & Co-Founder at Imperative, for a review of research around employee fulfillment and remote work. They will also be sharing concrete and actionable steps companies can take now to support remote teams.

Join us for webcasts this July as you navigate the challenges of COVID-19

Navigating Return to Work Strategies | July 28 | 9 am: As offices begin to reopen, HR teams are faced with new challenges including workplace safety, contact tracing, and hybrid remote/on-site workforces. Join Russell Fields, Principal at PwC and Sushil Ahuja, PwC HCM Leader for Consumer Markets as they discuss return to work challenges, and share best practices you can use for re-opening.

Be sure to register for these events so you can receive the appropriate login details. 

Do you have a webinar you want to see or want to learn more about how Oracle Cloud HCM can positively impact your business during uncertain times? Learn more at our website or get in touch with one of our experts. 

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Albert Qian

Content marketing manager for HCM

Albert Qian is the senior content marketing manager for the Oracle Cloud HCM Campaigns team and the editor-in-chief for this blog. He's passionate about telling the story of HR technology and how it can create better workforces.

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