How organizations succeed with Baker Tilly's three-phase approach to Oracle Cloud implementation

September 30, 2021 | 2 minute read
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Healthcare organizations have benefited working with Baker Tilly because of it's unique approach to Oracle Cloud implementation. At a recent Oracle Healthcare Industry User Group (HIUG) seminar, Jeff Haynes, director with Baker Tilly Digital, explained how the calibrate, harmonize and implementation approach positions clients for a smoother cloud implementationwith minimal disruptions at go-live. 


Before the consulting engagement and software selection begins, Baker Tilly assists clients with the calibrate phase, which builds a foundation to align organizational objectives with an Oracle Cloud implementation. Baker Tilly consultants guide clients through road mapping, scoping, and resource planning. Clients then undergo an eight-step workshop, create a current technological landscape outline, and determine resource skills and capacity. Through these processes, clients uncover blind spots, identify overlapping initiatives, conduct current state discovery, and generate future goals. 


Once Baker Tilly is engaged, the harmonize phase focuses on uniting the organization through ensuring acceptance of implementation and anticipating and overcoming possible roadblocks. We plan, analyze, and design customized models for a healthcare organization's technical needs, ensuring efficient implementation. Baker Tilly consultants and the client organization work closely to evaluate foundational structures and past practices to create an end-to-end model. With this knowledge, our consultants will complete roughly four end-to-end iteration models, showing key design principles and success metrics. Baker Tilly will then provid eplaybacls of these iterations with the goal of bringing as many key stakeholders as possible into the process sooner, creating a domino effect to drive change and buy-ins early. 


Finally, Baker Tilly brings Oracle Cloud implementation to life, running numerous tests and improving delivery for continued success. Continuing to work collaboratively, Baker Tilly will collectfeedback for one to six months to ensure gaps are documented and employees have a positive adaptation experience. 

One recent custimer that benefitted from Baker Tilly's three step apprach was Children's Hospital of Omaha, who was looking to upgrade legacy infrastructure amid a pandemic. Our process ensured a successful implementation, which you can read about here

For more information on how Baker Tilly works with clients in the healthcare industry to strengthen their software investment and ensure a successful cloud implementation using a proven, phased approach, click here


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Jeff Haynes

Jeff Haynes is Director - Enterprise Solutions and Services at Baker Tilly.

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