How Oracle is helping vaccinated workforces return to the office

August 18, 2021 | 4 minute read
Michel Nasrany
Master Principal HCM Solution Engineer
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The COVID-19 pandemic caught everyone off guard, transforming the world as we know it. HR leaders also saw their roles changed as workforces left the office, with mounting pressure to accelerate change towards digitizing their roles, providing “self-service” solutions, and facilitate remote work. 


With a COVID-19 vaccine finally available, the light is finally at the end of the tunnel. Many are looking forward to resuming life in the “new normal”, including returning to the office. Likewise, companies are preparing to welcome back their employees with new standards and expectations, especially with COVID-19 variants emerging.


The return to work, however, will not come easy without specific regulations and new practices in the workplace. Pandemic habits such as physical distancing and flexible working days will also be difficult to eliminate in the newly redesigned post-COVID-19 workplace.  


We’re already seeing the post-pandemic adjustment in other areas. For example, travelers have been asked to provide various documents such as Vaccinations cards, test results, or declarations to show they are healthy. Unfortunately, standards have also been inconsistent, and their absence has resulted in travelers experiencing problems when moving between countries. Reports of fraudulent or forged documents don’t help either.


It’s important to stress that technology is just a means to an end. That’s why Oracle Cloud HCM is helping organizations globally with an innovative solution that records relevant proof of vaccination with all necessary details and complies with local health rules and regulations. Our priority has always been to ensure employees privacy and well-being. We achieve that by tailoring advanced features into better services for individuals and businesses. 


The vaccine management solution can be configured within Journeys for the Enterprise Employee Experience delivered with Oracle Cloud HCM. We provide the configuration support to effectively manage the changing needs of organizations. It leverages the built-in secure feature of “Documents of Records” to record basic or advanced vaccination proof and details based on local health regulations. Furthermore, displaying or sharing the certificate details requires employee consent, ensuring security, privacy and compliance.


The benefits to the organization are many, including being able to manage workforce vaccination statuses, ensure governance and compliance are respected within the employee population, and facilitate employee activities within and outside the office space—such as customer meetings.


How Vaccine Recording Works


To record their vaccine information, the employee can navigate to the Oracle Digital Assistant, which will first request consent from the employee. Once complete, the Oracle Digital Assistant directs them to the HCM page where the employee can upload their vaccination details including necessary documents. Any future changes to that information will require internal approval from the HR administrator to take effect.



Management, HR administrators, and HR business partners also have access to vaccination details by looking at a daily dashboard of their direct reports from their home page. 





Finally, as an added step, a vaccination passport can be generated and stored on a Blockchain platform such as Oracle Blockchain Cloud. Oracle Blockchain Cloud is an incorruptible digital ledger offering full transparency of vaccine details to all interested parties. Employees can reveal their vaccination details in one click of a button when needed. 


As digital transformation changes the workplace, our priority centers on the evolution of the employee’s experience with the organization. Our hope is to increase transparency and efficiency in the workplace by way of best-in-class innovative solutions.


If you’d like more details on the vaccine management solution for your workforce, please reach out to one of our experts at or our detailed documentation on this solution posted in our customer community, Oracle Customer Connect. 


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Michel Nasrany

Master Principal HCM Solution Engineer

Michel Nasrany is a Master Principal HCM Solution Engineer for Oracle, focused on driving innovation.

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