Go beyond engagement and build a better experience with communications that matter

April 28, 2022 | 3 minute read
Vanessa Lowe
Product Marketing Director, Cloud HCM
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Employee engagement describes the level of enthusiasm and dedication a worker feels toward their job. Engaged employees are more likely to be productive and higher performing, but how do you go beyond employee engagement and shift the focus to elevating the employee experience to drive behaviors in your organization?

The Great Resignation and concern over employee engagement has put a renewed emphasis on the employee experience. Organizations need to find a way to evolve the employee experience and communicate with, connect to, and ultimately support employees with the information they need, in the flow of work, and at their fingertips. Overall, effective employee communication elevates the employee experience by helping people feel connected in their workplace. When employees are more informed with access to information and resources to thrive, they are more driven to do their very best at work.  Moreover, effective communications can influence positive behaviors that create the culture of your organization.

A new approach to employee communications

Employee communications are screaming for change. The old way of sending an email blast to your entire workforce from a centralized corporate communication system is a thing of the past. 

Here are some ways you can step up your employee communications for the better:

Seek out a communications platform that is built for HR: Today, most HR teams rely on corporate communications departments that are not responsible for overall workforce performance. Corporate communication teams do not often have the resources to send personalized emails by employee role, work location, or track who is opening, reading, and acting on those messages.

Additionally, many HR teams use third-party tools that don't connect to their workforce data, adding complexity and time to their messaging process, making it difficult for HR to manage the content so that employees get real value from the communication.  

Cultivate better experiences for employees by delivering relevant communications: A misconception with employee communications is that you must include everyone in all messages. Looping everyone into the same messages can be overwhelming because it can lead to message fatigue, causing employees to ignore essential updates. The goal should be to deliver relevant messages to the right people. An HR-managed platform connected to workforce data can ensure that the right message gets to the right employee at the right time. 

Design communications to drive specific behaviors or outcomes for your organization. Communications do more than deliver information; they are designed to influence change and set the organization's culture. Uniquely crafted email messages can improve morale, enhance company loyalty, and foster workplace culture. Effectively communicating with your employees builds transparency and trust, enhancing the employee experience.

Does your organization have the right tools to manage your workforce communications?

Oracle HCM Communicate – part of the Oracle Fusion Cloud, and a foundational solution within the Oracle ME employee experience platform, is the first and only employee outreach solution built specifically for HR. It allows HR teams to design, distribute, monitor, and measure the impact of multi-touch communications to inform and engage the workforce. It also can support many workplace communications addressing skills gaps, workplace wellness programs, return to work, and all-hands feedback.

With a communications solution connected directly to your workforce you can build a better experience by delivering personalized communications that can influence change, improve morale, enhance company loyalty, and promote a healthier workplace culture.

Learn more about Oracle HCM Communicate today.

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Vanessa Lowe

Product Marketing Director, Cloud HCM

Vanessa Lowe is a product marketing director for Oracle Cloud HCM, focused on payroll.

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