Global provider of outsourced healthcare services goes live on Oracle Fusion Cloud Application Suite

April 13, 2021 | 3 minute read
Jacey Allan
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Aspen Medical selects Oracle Consulting to enhance the delivery of healthcare solutions

Aspen Medical is a global provider of guaranteed and innovative healthcare solutions across a diverse range of sectors and clients including DefenseMining & ResourcesOil & GasGovernment, and Humanitarian.

Established in 2003, Aspen Medical has since become a world leader in the delivery of healthcare solutions in any setting, particularly those that are remote, challenging, or under-resourced. Operating across Australia, the Pacific, the Gulf region, Africa, the UK, and the USA. Aspen Medical offers clients a tailored and flexible service wherever it is needed, from a single paramedic to a full spectrum solution.

In recent years, Aspen Medical has been a part of various critical projects, including being a part of the COVID-19 response team for Princess Cruises, launching a PPE manufacturing facility with the support of the Queensland Government, enabling the rollout of wearable tracking devices, Smart Badge and providing well-being and monitoring services at the Australian Open in 2021. Also, It continues to be a part of various other operational healthcare solutions to Federal, State, and Local Governments.

Why Oracle and Oracle Consulting

With the aim of consolidating key business processes into one application, Aspen Medical launched Project NEO in 2019. Oracle Fusion Cloud was a natural choice, in particular, Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM).

Promising consistent experience across devices and the ability to adapt to new business models and processes quickly were two benefits that Aspen Medical appreciated.

Project NEO, the consolidation of their back-end infrastructure on Oracle Fusion Cloud was the largest transformation project embarked upon by Aspen Medical. Phase 1 of Project NEO has smoothly gone live due to Oracle Consulting’s timely project delivery. The project will continue to be rolled out globally in multiple releases throughout the year.

How Oracle HCM Cloud has been instrumental in these changing times

Prior to the Oracle Cloud implementation, the tracking of staff movement was an onerous task. This was important in a post-COVID environment. Coupled with non-standardized HR processes globally, there were numerous levels of data and information being sent from different platforms. It was a challenge for management to assign projects to team members. Aspen Medical required one source of truth of all staff movements.

Oracle HCM Cloud, with modules comprising Profile Management, HR Helpdesk, and Change Management was rolled out across Aspen Medical’s Australia and Papua New Guinea business entities.

One system, multiple enhancements

Globally, streamlined processes and a consolidated system for managing employee records allowed for multiple employee-centered benefits such as:

  • Better employee experience
  • Oracle Cloud HCM improved efficiency in document management, helping employees access information more easily through one single platform.
  • Improved HR service level and efficient tracking of Service Requests
  • Moving away from Shared Inboxes, Oracle HR Helpdesk tracked email requests with Service Requests, efficiently managing them by dedicated queue owners.
  • Effective reporting and compliance tracking
  • The consolidation of Oracle Cloud HCM and ERP meant information flow was consolidated, data could be retrieved faster, minimizing errors in reporting.

Looking Ahead

With phase two of the roll-out successfully completed, Oracle Consulting is poised to deliver towards future phases in Aspen Medical’s digital transformation.

To learn more about Oracle Consulting, please visit our official page – here.

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