Caja Los Andes improves employee collaboration with Oracle Cloud HCM

June 30, 2021 | 2 minute read
Karla Rivero
HCM Customer Marketing, Ibero-America
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Caja Los Andes, founded in 1953, is the largest of Chile’s five Family Allowance Compensation funds (CCAF) with 144 branch offices and 3,300 employees providing banking and insurance services including dispensing social security benefits to 4 million members and companies. People are a priority to Caja Los Andes and leadership places care in delivering results for their clients and the workplace experience.

In light of an expanding workforce, Caja Los Andes considered it imperative to alleviate service-related stress for their team by implementing a streamlined, user-friendly system that would strengthen collaboration. They decided that system would replace a host of other existing systems that proved complex to handle for collaborators while offering increased transparency and clarity in order to improve their collaborators’ quality of life and overall safety—a critical need given the hardships brought on by the pandemic.

These challenges required Caja Los Andes’s leadership to evaluate a number of potential solutions and what they offered regarding infrastructure compatibility, complexity of the deployment process and, more importantly, whether the chosen system would provide the best user experience available for the team Having long considered Oracle a strategic partner, it was only natural to consider Oracle’s HCM solution when assessing the next steps for the company’s digital transformation.

Oracle Human Capital Management also stood out from similar alternatives, allowing a massive workforce accustomed to operating from anywhere in the country to securely access one single system. Collaborators could now easily and safely connect with each other from any location. Furthermore, the multiple features provided by Oracle HCM granted the staff a level of attention and benefits the magnitude of which would have been unmatched otherwise.

These advantages promote self-management among users, which ultimately helped boost satisfaction levels for Caja Los Andes’s employees, 86% of which consider the tool to be intuitive. To top it all off, Oracle Cloud HCM met all of the company’s expectations and offered company leaders a comprehensive view of people management and helpful quarterly system updates. But don’t take their word for it: A poll of employees showed that 94% of employees say they would recommend it.

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Karla Rivero

HCM Customer Marketing, Ibero-America

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