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May 31, 2022 | 3 minute read
Dennis Villahermosa
Product Marketing Director - Oracle Cloud HCM
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Over the next three years, enhancing employee experience will be a priority for 92% of employers, moving it into a lead role for engaging and retaining workers. HR is at the forefront of redesigning experiences that motivate the workforce to deliver their best work today and inspire them to come back tomorrow.

Providing your employees additional support to successfully navigate through “moments that matter” pays dividends across the entire organization. They want simple directions and guidance to complete professional activities and milestones, such as new hire onboarding, changing work environments, exploring career opportunities, and transferring to a new role. Events outside the walls of your company—getting married, having a baby, or caring for an aging parent—potentially impact performance and productivity, uncovering other opportunities for guidance and counsel.  

Oracle Journeys, part of the Oracle ME employee experience platform, provides step-by-step workflow guidance to help your workers complete professional and personal activities. Drawing from one source of people data, you can direct them to the right journeys based on the individual’s unique needs in context to the action being performed, making informed decisions easier and raising your employee experience to another level.

Here are ways where personalized guidance can help.

Take self-service to the next level

Manager and employee self-service tools bring convenience and efficiency to routine HR transactions. But what if the transaction is not so routine? For example, one of your managers is excited to announce a well-deserved promotion at an upcoming team event. Their excitement starts to fade as they struggle to complete the promotion process for an employee based in a different country, which may be delayed by the need for additional documentation. This situation is an opportunity to provide step-by-step, country-specific instructions to guide them through the process, including how to prepare for the promotion, the required documentation, and the recommended meetings. The guidance saves time, helps ensure compliance with local regulations, and reduces anxiety from completing an unfamiliar process.

Provide context within tasks

Similar to how a mobile map application informs you about traffic conditions as you drive, accessing information to make decisions along the career journey benefits both employee and employer. In our promotion example, determining the correct pay increase stumps even the most experienced managers, so Oracle Journeys automatically provides guidance by sharing a team pay equity report. Your manager can now submit the appropriate individual pay increase while maintaining pay equality for their team.

Oracle Journeys helps workers make informed decisions by surfacing contextual analytics, training, and instructions along their guided digital journey. Its flexible guidance and decision-making support enable individuals to complete activities efficiently, accurately, and in line with company policy.

Impact business activities across the enterprise

Delivering guidance beyond HR processes empowers other business leaders who embrace the importance of delivering engaging experiences to attract and retain talent. Preparing for a new fiscal year, launching a new product, and reorganizing a department are all complex operational and administrative processes ready to benefit from personalized direction and guidance.  Giving teams step-by-step direction for a project launch streamlines budget preparation, timeline planning, and resource allocation. Your employees gain a positive project experience while the organization gains efficiencies and better outcomes. 

Expanding its reach across the organization, Oracle Journeys can readily include workflow actions and resources from third-party systems and other Oracle Cloud applications, from financials to supply chain to customer experience. Journeys can be configured within minutes, all without consuming IT resources.

Go on the journey

Your workforce no longer needs to be alone when navigating through “moments that matter” in their careers. Oracle Journeys helps set aside frustration, saves time, and elevates the employee experience by providing personalized guidance when and wherever they need it.

Want to learn more about Oracle Journeys and how to elevate the employee experience? Explore Oracle ME, the only complete employee experience platform that empowers talent to connect, grow, and thrive.

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Dennis Villahermosa

Product Marketing Director - Oracle Cloud HCM

Dennis Villahermosa is a product marketing leader for Oracle Cloud HCM.

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