As Doors Reopen, Oracle Helps HR Teams Define What’s Next

June 3, 2020 | 3 minute read
Gretchen Alarcon
Group Vice President for Human Capital Management Strategy, Oracle
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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced HR professionals into some of the most challenging times on record. Whether it's adapting to new workforce demands, managing dispersed teams or maintaining positive employee experiences in a time of volatility, HR teams have taken center stage. 

But the battle is not over yet. As the road to recovery continues, organizations are now having to figure out how to safely and efficiently bring their employees back into the workplace and it’s up to HR teams to help make that happen. We at Oracle are here to help. 

A few months ago, we announced free access to our Workforce Health & Safety tool for our HR customers to help keep their employees safe, and we’ve already seen it deliver tremendous value with many customers taking action. But we don’t want to stop there. 

Discover how Oracle is helping HR teams figure out what's next with our Employee Care Package offering.

To provide additional help for the HR community, we are introducing the Oracle Employee Care Package for the New Workplace: a bundle of HCM tools and technology that will help HR teams make work safer, supportive, smarter, and more human as we re-enter the workplace. Within the Employee Care Package, we address three of the key areas for HR teams as they navigate the return to the work: safety, support, and skills.  

Prioritizing Workforce Safety 
As offices begin to reopen, one of the top priorities for HR teams will without a doubt be ensuring the health and safety of their workforce. Which is why we’re including our Oracle Onboarding and Workforce Health & Safety tools in the Employee Care Package. 

  • Workforce Health & Safety allows HR professionals to track and report health incidents within their teams (such as confirmed COVID-19 cases), minimize exposure to the larger workforce, and take appropriate action quickly. 
  • And Oracle Onboarding ensures that employees who are coming back to the workplace are re-onboarded effectively, aligned with compliance, and set up for success and productivity. 

Delivering Employee Support
HR teams will also need to be ready and equipped to deliver a supportive, and positive experience for their teams. Employees will likely be confused, curious, or even a little nervous when returning back to the workplace, and it’s up to HR teams to be their support and deliver confidence. Our HR Helpdesk, Digital Assistant, and Work Life tools can help.  

  • With HR Helpdesk, organizations can deliver an optimal employee experience by seamlessly managing COVID-19 issues, promptly resolving employee inquiries, and identifying trending issues among the workforce to resolve quickly. 
  • Oracle Digital Assistant makes it easy for employees to get quick answers to commonly asked questions, whether they’re at home or at work, and through whatever channel they prefer (SMS, voice, social, etc.) 
  • HR teams can use Oracle Work Life to strengthen their workplace community and empower employees to grow stronger together. This team camaraderie will improve employee productivity and well-being. 

Zeroing in on Skills
As we enter into this “new normal,” we will see a heightened importance around employee learning and reskilling as new skills gaps emerge and more roles are ready to be filled. 

  • With Oracle Learning, HR teams can help employees reskill and readjust to the new workplace. Recommended trainings will help employees improve productivity, acquire new skills, and discover new opportunities. 

Now more than ever, HR teams are in the spotlight and driving their organizations to define what’s next. With the right tools in place, HR teams can help their workforce readjust to this changing world. And we’re here to help every step of the way. 

For more information about Oracle’s Employee Care Package, click here:

Gretchen Alarcon

Group Vice President for Human Capital Management Strategy, Oracle

Gretchen Alarcon is group vice president for Oracle’s human capital management strategy, responsible for development and go-to-market initiatives that help businesses around the world modernize their HR practices through the adoption of Oracle’s HCM cloud apps. Additionally, Alarcon acts as a thought leader, highlighting trends and strategic initiatives in businesses’ transition to the cloud. With more than 20 years’ experience in product strategy, Alarcon uses her knowledge of the industry to showcase the importance of modernization through the integration of cloud apps in core HR, talent acquisition, and HR data analytics. Together with her team, she forecasts future of work movements and delivers initiatives to businesses to protect their bottom line.

Prior to Oracle, Alarcon worked at Icarian, National Semiconductor, Ford, and Silicon Graphics, where she drove the management of workforce suites and aided in the redesign of worldwide human resource functions.

Alarcon holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and a BA in American Studies from Stanford University.

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