A Perfect Match: Oracle Cloud HCM and Myriad Genetics

November 2, 2020 | 3 minute read
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M&A Matrimony Award Winner: Jayne Hart, Executive VP Human Resources, Myriad Genetics

For many companies, optimizing workforce efficiencies during a major merger or acquisition can prove to be a daunting task, especially since multiple technology platforms are coming together. Without the right steps in place, newly hired employees are unable to get their work done, reducing the immediate value gained through the business transaction. 

This was the story of Myriad Genetics, a leading genetic testing company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Having completed four acquisitions over the past few years, with plans for continued growth in the future, they ran into a snag when a company they acquired was further along from a technology standpoint. While workarounds for previous acquisitions tolerated the use of spreadsheets and multiple vendors to get things up and running, this acquisition required a different approach. Wanting to reach a higher level of efficiency and offer a more innovative user experience, Human Resources Executive VP Jayne Hart identified the company’s need for a solution that could support its acquired employees as well as future acquisitions all on a single platform. Hart realized, through the implementation of Oracle Cloud HCM, Myriad Genetics could eliminate multiple interfaces and significantly improve the employee experience. 

As the key stakeholder and executive sponsor of the project, Hart played a crucial role in the implementation process. Hart not only informed other executives at the company of the necessity to invest in this innovative solution but also formed a steering committee and identified a team of subject matter experts to help guide the project. Hart’s tenacity and collaboration skills were on full display as she worked closely with the company’s IT partners throughout the entire implementation process, while at the same time completing her day-to-day responsibilities as the company’s Executive VP of Human Resources. Hart had this to say of the implementation: “We learned a lot along the way, and it gave us an opportunity to implement some best practices, eliminate unnecessary interfaces and improve our HR processes and employee experience.” 

Learn how Myriad Genetics was able to discover greater organizational efficiency by migrating to Oracle Cloud HCM—during a merger.

Myriad Genetics has seen significant benefits as a result of this implementation, as all employees were successfully migrated to this new system within an 8-month timeframe. The company now has a modern HR system with a uniform and user-friendly experience that supports a harmonious employee integration. The new platform’s single system for setting up tasks, tracking completion, and reporting on compliance simplifies the process of assigning tasks to new employees and ensuring that required tasks are completed. The implementation of Oracle Cloud HCM has reduced the number of manual workarounds and spreadsheets as well as decreased the time needed to enroll in benefits from 25 minutes to 5 minutes, resulting in heightened efficiency among employees. 

Thanks to Hart’s foresight and close involvement in the implementation process, Myriad Genetics now has an established path for simplifying onboarding during future acquisitions. The company’s new HR system provides a unified, high-quality experience to all employees, which aligns with its long-term goals as well as its core company values. 

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