3 essential tips for virtual recruiting

August 11, 2020 | 4 minute read
Pete Jaradeh
Product Marketing Manager
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Have your recruiting approaches changed? The ongoing pandemic has shifted many recruiting tactics from in-person conversations to online interactions held over the phone, email, and virtual meeting spaces. Not only have recruitment professionals learned new talent acquisition tactics, they've also increased their candidate pools, especially with the location flexibility of prospective candidates. Yet, while some organizations have returned to the office, others have decided to remain remote moving forward, meaning that virtual methods of recruiting are likely the norm going forward. 

Thankfully, cost-effective and efficient technology can help for HR leaders considering virtual recruiting. If you’re looking for creative ways to find your next great hire, check out some of our tips below to help. 

Tip #1: Maximize your employment brand

Your organization’s online presence matters more than ever, especially in a digital-first world. Thus, it’s critical that your digital footprints, including career websites and social media, are up to date. 

First, your website needs to be optimized for both search and content. We recommend thinking like a marketer and communicating your brand and image through blogs, videos, or interactive experiences so that candidates can learn as much as possible about your workplace experience. To ensure you’re reaching the largest audience possible, optimize the content by using SEO for top search engine placement and extend your reach with paid campaigns. Finally,  make your site usable by working with your marketing team to conduct UX testing, and apply any lessons learned. 

Social media is also an important channel to consider, especially since this is one of the primary avenues applicants will use to learn more about the company. You’ll want to focus on storytelling to convince the audience that you’re the company to work for, so it’s important to share photos, videos, or success stories that drive reactions and shares. Building relationships with influencers, employment resources, and college career centers will also be critical since they can be a major champion for your organization, especially when there are openings. 

Finally, don’t forget that your online presence extends to third-party websites such as job boards. Being visible on these sites will drive more candidates your way, providing your hiring team with a larger pool to pick from. 

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Discover how you can stand out in your virtual recruiting efforts.

Tip #2: Over communicate on the right channels 

Employee experience is a priority no matter the job market. Personalization of your talent acquisition efforts help lower applicant anxiety and improves your hiring brand. 

Today’s communication is very nuanced with multi-generational workplaces now the norm. On one hand, baby boomers may look to be informed of their applicant status through a phone call, while millennials and Gen Z are just fine if you text them. How you communicate reflects your talent acquisition cycle, from the first touch to closing the loop. While you don’t need to share every little detail, simply sharing a yes or no on a job acceptance or rejection goes a long way. 

If no qualified applicants are coming through, you may also want to use a referral program. People enjoy working with those they know, like, and trust—and a bonus for hiring a friend doesn’t hurt either. With the vast majority of hires coming from already existing connections, this may be your most effective channel. 

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Tip #3: Support teams with the right technologies 

If you’re working at home, it’s likely you’re already using tools that enable remote collaboration. Logically, it would make sense to use similar tools for recruiting. 

Video conferencing has already seen a spike in volume for work meetings. Leveraging these solutions is sensible since your applicants are likely to want to social distance as much as you do. Not only does this allow you to conduct interviews from just about anywhere, but most tools are also intuitive and require no more than a few clicks. 

Self-service technologies also serve as valuable virtual recruiting tools during this time. Self-scheduling is one such example, where applicants can conveniently indicate a time to meet for a discussion of their qualifications. Another emerging solution is digital assistants, which are easily accessible on a company’s website and can provide automated answers to common questions, which can reduce candidate drop-off. 

Accelerate your recruiting 

We understand these times are tough and are here to help, whether you’re looking to improve your recruiting or invest in your existing workforce. Here are some of the things we’re doing to support HR organizations: 

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Pete Jaradeh

Product Marketing Manager

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