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You May Already Be a Winner—Just Choose Your Category

In my last post, I shared the exciting news about the launch of the Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud Rubies awards. These awards celebrate our innovative customers who use Oracle HCM Cloud solutions to drive business success. 

Are you ready to share your success story, or that of a colleague or fellow customer, with the Oracle HCM Cloud community? Great! Read through these categories to figure out which one best fits your story. Some success stories could fit into multiple categories. If so, make multiple nominations, providing the most appropriate information for each. 

This is a global program open to any organization that’s using an Oracle HCM Cloud solution. Community voting will determine the winners, and we’ll recognize the winners at Oracle HCM World, to be held April 11 to 13, 2017, in Boston.

Innovators, Start Here

If you used Oracle HCM Cloud to make big changes in your organization, your story will probably fit into one of the following categories.

Game Changer Award

This is the place for two kinds of stories: either one that tells about a broad HCM transformation or one that describes a unique use of Oracle HCM Cloud itself. We want to hear about companies that are driving massive, meaningful process change across the HR department and the organization at large. We’re looking for far-reaching benefits—for HR and for the daily lives of every employee. 

Or if you’re doing something unique with Oracle HCM Cloud, we want to hear about that. From strong integration to improving internal communications, we want you to impress and inspire our product development team.

It’s a Mobile World Award

Can your employees do things on their smartphones or tablets now that they couldn’t before? We’re especially interested in hearing how Oracle HCM Cloud has helped you do the following:

  • Speed processes and increase the uptake of self-service HR
  • Improve mobile HR experiences for staff and managers
  • Eliminate time-consuming or paper-based processes
  • Empower your employees with new mobile functionality such as mobile time cards, shift trading, or automated attendance tracking

It’s All in the Numbers Award

With HR analytics, a new world of workforce insight opens up. We want to hear how Oracle HCM Cloud’s embedded analytics dashboards are helping you improve talent management, retention, and workforce planning. We’re especially interested in hearing how you do the following:

  • Build customized HR reports that turn data into practical business insight
  • Reduce the risk of losing critical talent
  • Improve decision making and compete in today’s talent market

Express Lane Award

Did you get your Oracle HCM Cloud deployment up and running quickly? We want to hear how a well-considered deployment plan and a commitment to speed helped you deliver meaningful results with Oracle HCM Cloud in weeks, not months.

Dynamic Duo Award

Have you integrated Oracle HCM Cloud with other Oracle Cloud solutions and got great results? Tell us more! This award recognizes the transformational impact and enterprise-wide value that companies gain by using Oracle HCM Cloud with another Oracle Cloud solution. This can include but isn’t limited to these:

  • Improving budgeting and spend optimization 
  • Making the most of social insight, and correlating employee performance with customer sentiment using Oracle Service Cloud CRM
  • Optimizing planning, reporting, and forecasting with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud and Oracle Enterprise Resource Management Cloud

Happily Ever After Award

Mergers and acquisitions can play havoc on your ability to keep top talent. Tell us how Oracle HCM Cloud helped you do things such as:

  • Minimize disruption to HR and other operations
  • Bring multiple workforces together using a single HCM solution
  • Improve HR experiences for everyone involved 
  • Minimize talent losses and maintain retention 

If Acquiring Talent Is Your Strength, Check Out These Categories

If the cloud has helped you secure the talent your organization needs, nominate yourself or a colleague for one of these awards. 

Time Is On My Side Award

Have you used Oracle HCM Cloud to dramatically reduce your time to hire? We’re looking for nominees that have achieved something like these examples:

  • Eliminated time-consuming processes with HCM automation
  • Built agile new hiring processes 
  • Dramatically reduced time to hire
  • Created a culture of fast hiring and agile talent management

We Are Family Award

Tell us how Oracle HCM Cloud’s social sourcing capabilities have helped you turn your employees into your greatest recruitment asset. In particular, we’re interested in hearing how Oracle HCM Cloud’s social sourcing tools help you do one of these:

  • Push job offers into social channels 
  • Leverage online referrals and make social referrals simpler
  • Inspire employees to become brand advocates
  • Seek out the best talent within employees’ professional networks 

Tell Us Your Best Engagement and Retention Stories 

Has Oracle HCM Cloud transformed your approach to engagement and retention? Then submit your story for one of these awards.

Talent Show Award

To win this, tell us how you’re using Oracle HCM Cloud’s recommended job feature and deep workforce visibility tools to keep people engaged by getting them into the right roles, improving internal opportunities, and moving them into new roles. We want to hear how you’re using Oracle HCM Cloud to do one of the following:

  • Increase internal mobility for all kinds of employees
  • Improve development strategies and identify areas where development may be best allocated
  • Increase employee satisfaction and turn potential talent losses into valuable retained staff
  • Improve the number, quality, and accessibility of internal opportunities

Keep It in the Family Award

This award is for our retention heroes. Tell us how Oracle HCM Cloud has helped you hire and retain better people. We especially want to hear how you used it to do one of these:

  • Significantly increase the stick rate of new hires
  • Identify at-risk employees and take actions to retain them
  • Improve delivery of development opportunities and rewards to retain key employees

Pick your category and start your nomination process for the Rubies awards by clicking here!

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