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On the Sixth Day of Wellness My HR Gave to Me, Six HR Analytics Dashboards

Shanelle Thadani
Product Marketing Manager, Analytics

As we head into the close of the year, we reflect on the gift of data and its potential in helping shape the way the world has responded to the global pandemic and everything around it.

This year, businesses had to quickly implement new organizational structures to stay resilient and navigate risk, including turning to HR to scale the workforce in response to the pandemic. Many HR leaders developed their strategies using data and analytics to shift employees to different roles and track their well-being while ensuring business continuity. 

Oracle’s own Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics has been right there for customers looking for a crystal ball in these uncertain times. With the ability to deep-dive through visual dashboards on all aspects of the business, it’s been a gift that keeps on giving so that the lights can stay on, including: 

  • Using pre-built key performance indicators (KPI’s) and dashboards around employee tenure, retention, top talent retention, turnover, diversity compa-ratio, and span of control.
  • Removing the burden of data complexity through customized KPI’s, dashboards, and reports. 
  • Extending data to one single data source, and blending analysis to speak the same language while retaining live connections to data sources. 
  • Creating the ability to make cohesive decisions about an organization.

Having the right data to measure your workforce productivity can make all the difference for your organization's wellness.

The Gift of Collaboration with HR and Finance 

HR isn’t the only business unit that enjoys the benefit of analytics. Speaking the same language through data draws powerful communication between HR and Finance and elicits a further competitive advantage to any organization, allowing companies answers to questions like:  

  • How has the composition of my workforce impacted payroll costs?
  • What is the financial implication of high turnover rates?
  • How would budget cuts affect the hiring process?

Having the right data to measure your workforce productivity can make all the difference for your organization's wellness.

Using a single data model, HR and Finance can connect Oracle Cloud applications containing both ERP and HCM data for a holistic view of the business. All departments can then speak a common language, fostering more data-driven conversations and detection of meaningful cross-functional correlations across business initiatives to answer relevant questions. Finance and HR data together can bridge gaps that could impact overall company revenue, operational costs, employee satisfaction, and diversity data, translating assumptions into numerical and factual answers, improving the overall health of an organization. Two gifts in one? Who could ask for more? 

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