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On the 10th Day of Giving HR Gave to Me, Ten Learning Recommendations...

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By James Coleman, Contributing Writer

Gift Your Employees an Investment in Their Future

Holidays and gift-giving are for everyone, but they’re especially for the young. Coincidentally, it’s primarily young people we have in mind when we stress the importance of education. 

HR focuses a great deal of attention and resources on its younger employees, and for good reason. By 2025, Millennials will account for 75% of the global workforce. Close on their heels are an even younger cohort now entering the labor market, Gen Z. These are people comfortable with technology seemingly from birth and for whom online learning comes naturally. There’s also plenty of incentive to develop and polish their skills, as the shadow cast by the Great Recession still looms large in memories

Give your employees the gift of learning this holiday season.

The twin concepts of reskilling and upskilling are with us to stay as workers of all ages want to assume a larger role in the organization while remaining relevant and vital. Oracle Learning Cloud can assist you in rewarding your workers’ ambitions by:

  • Determining what your employees need to learn by leveraging AI-enabled learning recommendations that are based on your employees’ roles, projects, and career aspirations 
  • Enabling blended learning and promoting knowledge sharing, while joining learning communities to keep skills current 
  • Helping managers and learning and development experts acquire immediate insight into course completion and compliance tracking 

As Emily He, SVP of Oracle HCM Cloud Product Marketing says, “Companies that invest in employees’ professional growth by offering reskilling and AI training opportunities will see dividends for years to come, including higher employee retention rates, a more grateful and rewarding culture, increased workplace productivity, and more strategic business outcomes.”

A Collaborative, Video-Based Platform
Today’s learning solutions must encompass a vast array of areas to help develop employees. Hard skills such as web development and AI are complemented by soft skills such as leadership and customer service. In light of so much information, effective delivery of the content is ever more critical—ensuring that relevant insights reach the right people, through the right channel, at the right time. For example, Oracle Learning Cloud provides employees with a collaborative, video-based learning platform that delivers knowledge to employees in a personalized feed on the device of their choice. In this way, the solution supports the rapid, continuous development of each individual on their own terms, with the learning they need to achieve their goals.

Learn as if you were to live forever,” India’s Mahatma Gandhi once said. Help your employees hone their skills by gifting them an investment in their future. Oracle Learning Cloud, unified with Oracle HCM Cloud, is a powerful solution capable of helping you attract and retain a more motivated workforce. Your employees will have the added benefit of working with a leader in HR and HCM Cloud

To learn more about Oracle Learning Cloud and the growing supply of learning modules available to you and your employees, contact us.

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