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On National Bosses' Day, Thank an HR Manager!

Tracy Martin
Vice President, HCM Strategy

Editor’s note: Tell us a little bit about your favorite boss.  Comment on this blog and tell us about their best leadership qualities and times they helped you do your job successfully.

October 16 is “National Bosses’ Day” in the United States and several other countries, an occasion for workers to thank their supervisors for keeping their teams running smoothly.  This year, we want to take the opportunity to celebrate human resources (HR) managers who, during the global pandemic, are operating well outside their core area of expertise to keep their employees safe and healthy.

HR professionals have stepped up. They are teaming with medical, health and safety, and even maintenance experts in their organizations to track exposures, minimize contagion, and promote the cleanliness of company facilities—tasks well outside of traditional HR. With many companies closing offices, some HR leaders are managing a completely remote workforce for the first time, or, even more challenging, a hybrid workforce of some employees who are coming into the factory or to the laboratory while others shelter at home. 

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While all bosses deserve recognition for their hard work day-in and day-out, managers in HR have gone above and beyond for their teams this year! We at Oracle are not only proud of the resilience we’ve witnessed from HR leaders around the world, but we are also committed to doing anything we can to help on National Bosses’ Day and beyond. 

This National Bosses Day, thank the HR manager in your life for navigating your organization through these uncertain times.

During the pandemic, we introduced software packages to help HR professionals with their new challenges. For example, the Oracle Workforce Health and Safety solution—provided free of charge to current customers—helps HR managers oversee key health and safety issues and answer critical response questions, including how to track employees exposed to the virus and what to communicate to employees and public health authorities. 

During Oracle Live in late September, Oracle introduced a new feature to Oracle Cloud HCM called Journeys. The feature helps HR pros devise step-by-step directions to guide complex employee experiences, such as managing a safe return to work.

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One HR boss who has been using these tools is Alan Murphy, head of HR operations for Bimeda, the global manufacturer of veterinary products and nutritional supplements for animals. Health authorities have designated the company’s employees as “essential workers.” 

Murphy says that after two employees tested positive for COVID-19 exposure, execs quickly realized that a spreadsheet—the usual way the company tracks health and safety incidents—was not up to the task of tracing possible exposures within the company’s workforce.  Murphy and other managers from the company formed a cross-functional task force, computerized employee records, and began using the health and safety application to track, trace, and notify employees who had been in close contact with the infected workers. The task force members also put in place recommendations about how to clean communal work areas, order protective equipment, and notify external agencies about exposures.  Murphy points out the company has not lost a single day of manufacturing its essential products during the pandemic and—most importantly—that the two affected employees have recovered and returned to work and no one else had fallen ill.  

That is surely an outcome to celebrate on Bosses’ Day. Thank you, Alan, for being such a great HR leader! 

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  • Linda Currey Post Friday, October 16, 2020
    When I first started my career as a corporate writer, I worked with a very talented former journalist named Dale Basye, who spent time mentoring me. I'm a much better writer as a result and I'll always remember his faith in me.
  • Alexa Morales Friday, October 16, 2020
    I'd have to nominate Dan Ziman, who ensured that his whole product marketing team worked together to study for and pass the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Associate Foundations exam!
  • Kimberly Brinson Friday, October 16, 2020
    Great article! HR leaders are in a thankless position much of the time and deserve recognition and gratitude.
  • Sundar Rajamanickam Friday, October 16, 2020
    Awesome!! Happy Bosses Day!!
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