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Make Employee Experience the Heart of Your HR Strategy

Guest Author

Guest written by Yazad Dalal, Head of HCM, Oracle APAC

A business can’t thrive without delivering the right customer experience. But what about the experience of employees? Oracle believes that the employee experience should sit at the heart of every great HR strategy.

Putting the employee experience at the heart of HR means a shift in focus. Instead of concentrating on how to manage people, businesses must consider how to provide their people with the best possible experience at work. 

Oracle helps businesses put employee experience front and center with the help of human resource technology that’s innovative, empowering, and easy to use. Oracle’s HR technology improves and modernizes the processes that define every employee’s experience at work—from initial onboarding to collaborating with colleagues to long-term skills development..  

The key insight behind Oracle’s technology is that employees—like customers—expect an efficient, interactive digital experience at work. They want quick access to information about their salary, benefits, time off, and how they’re progressing toward career development goals. Employees expect the latest cloud tools so that they can communicate and collaborate with their colleagues from any place, at any time, across any device. When it comes to timesheets, expenses, and other HR tasks, employees want efficient, modern processes so they can get back to the work that matters most. 

Improving the employee experience also has myriad benefits for HR management and C-suite executives looking after the bottom line. Technology that helps employees self-manage frees up HR staff to focus on strategic development rather than paperwork. Data-driven workforce insights also enable HR to better understand which employees are doing a great job and reward them fairly. Satisfied employees are productive employees, and by putting employee experience at the heart of HR, Oracle’s HR technology can improve the business’s bottom line. 

Innovation doesn’t stand still. Oracle is dedicated to rolling out product updates constantly to meet market needs and pave the way for the future. For example, Oracle is hard at work on HR chatbots that help employees better understand workplace policies—all they need to do is simply message the chatbot. Oracle is gamifying wellness initiatives and automating recruiting applications that let new hires accept their offer with one click and start the onboarding process well before their first day in the office. All these developments go a long way to improve the employee experience.

This Valentine’s Day and throughout the year, show your workforce a little extra love by putting the employee experience at heart. 

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