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Have you ever wished for an easier way to evaluate your training?

October 4, 2010 By: Guest Author

The best place for an evaluation of your training is the Learning Management System (LMS).

Here you already have all the other information on your training: What is available? Who can take it? Who did take it? etc. etc.
This makes it the perfect place for an evaluation as well. Learners are used to go to the LMS to search, enroll and maybe also to take the training, so it will be easy for them to also do an evaluation there.
The administrator and instructor is used to go to the LMS to administer all the classes, so looking at evaluation results there will also be natural for them.

From version 12.1.1 of Oracle Learning Management (OLM) you can automatically attach an evaluation to all of your classes - or to some.
You create the evaluation once with the existing test tool and then you can automatically attach it to as many classes as you like.
Once defined everything is done for you:
• The right questions are gathered for the evaluation
• Learners are told there will be an evaluation after the training
• The evaluation is automatically shown to the Learner and her feedback is saved
• Results are associated with the learner and the class
• Results for all classes are available either in the program or as reports

Here is a tip for creating your questions for the training evaluation.
Training in most organizations has two levels:
The course level where the training content is defined. An example of this could be the course "First aid training".
This tells you that the content of the training will be first aid, but it does not tell you how it will be taught and when.
The second level is the class level. A number of classes are associated with a single course. On the class level you define how the class is taught (online, classroom etc.) and when.
So a class will not only tell the learner the topic is "First aid" but also that it is classroom based training and that is taking place from 2. Aug 2011 to 4. Aug 2011.

Your evaluation should take this into account. Be sure to ask for feedback on both the course and the class - and be sure your evaluation and your LMS is able to report on both level - now it should not come as a surprise to you that OLM does this ?.

Examples of questions for the course level:
• Was the training relevant to your daily job?
• Was the content too easy or too difficult?
• What would you like to see added to the content?

Examples of questions for class level:
• How was the teacher?
• Did you like the lunch?
• Was the venue OK?

As you can see when looking at these questions, it is important for you to distinguish course feedback from class feedback, it is two different levels and should be treated as such when evaluating your training.


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