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Follow Your Guiding Principles to the Cloud: A Cloud Transformation Story with Mary Kay

Brittany Lindquist
Director Customer Marketing, Oracle HCM Cloud

For more than 55 years, Mary Kay has inspired women to achieve their entrepreneurial goals in nearly 40 countries. It’s no wonder Chief People Officer Melinda Foster Sellers has had 25 years of Mary Kay success herself. With a supporting cast and some incredible corporate values, it seems the sky’s the limit over at Mary Kay.

You can imagine that a global company with a large gig economy might need a robust system to help them attract and retain talent. Before Oracle HCM Cloud, Mary Kay was using outdated on-premises HRMS solutions. Like many of our customers, they were looking to modernize their workforce, attract new talent, and lower their total cost of ownership. Additionally, their employees lacked an easy-to-use, mobile experience—something Melinda saw as a necessity.

Melinda and her team are currently in the middle of their move to the cloud and took the stage at Oracle HCM World 2018 to share their learnings thus far:  

“I knew this transformation would be challenging, especially from a change management perspective,” said Melinda. “My goal, belief, and hope is that people will be excited.”

8 Tips on Moving to the Cloud from Melinda

  1. Get buy in from the entire C-suite, not just HR executives.
  2. Establish your guiding principles and stay close to them.
  3. Post your guiding principles on the walls, so they are top of mind for employees.
  4. Treat your employees as customers, and get them excited from the start.
  5. Think about the different personas in your org. Map out their day-in-the-life. How many clicks does it take to get something done? Can they move from desktop to mobile and back again with ease?
  6. Make things simple. Avoid your old customizations and strive for simplicity.
  7. Consider your gig economy. Mary Kay employees are all over the world and include all types, from corporate employees to the manufacturers that build their products. Remote employees all have smartphones and should be able to use their mobile device for all self-service transactions.
  8. Get legal involved now. Partner with your legal team; they will help you make the right decisions, especially around global compliance disparities.

What’s next for Mary Kay in their journey to the cloud?

“We are still in the process of this move, but I want to see an increase in HR’s value add to the company instead of being a team focused on administrative tasks,” explained Melinda. “It might be challenging to get used to all of this change, but we have to do it.”

With global compliancy to consider, Melinda has to look beyond U.S. regulations:

“Outside of the U.S., China is our largest business. They are currently PeopleSoft users, so we have to consider that transition. Europe has strict data compliancy laws we have to work through and make sure their privacy is prioritized. Where is it stored? Who has access?”

Mary Kay has already seen a shift in their team’s efficiency, with 80% of transactions being completely self-service now. For approvals, such as those for pay raises, Melinda is hoping that 90% of them will only require one level of manager approvals very soon.

Whether you’re halfway through your move to the cloud or just considering it, we hope these tips will help get you started. If you get frustrated during the process grab your favorite Mary Kay lipstick, slap it on, and tell yourself, “I got this.”

What are your learnings from moving to the cloud? Share with us on Twitter! Use #OracleHCM to jump into the conversation.


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