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Declare Your Independence From Disparate HR Systems

Tanios Boudames
Product Marketing Manager, Oracle HCM Cloud

Is your organization facing the need to revolt against inefficient and ineffective technology? Declare your independence from outdated technology so you can enjoy the true freedom of seamless cloud HR solutions that make work more human.

Industry leading organizations are making the shift away from maintaining legacy systems, putting digital transformation at the forefront of their agendas, and moving from disparate HR systems to cloud HR technology. As a result, HR organizations increase business agility, empower employees, and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

Business Agility

When you take action and declare your freedom from disparate systems, your technology partner does all the heavy lifting from maintaining your hardware systems to upgrading software infrastructure. This partnership enables your IT department to focus on your HR technology needs rather than system maintenance.

Cloud technology enables a connected HR solution across all lines of business, including talent management, recruiting, payroll, finance, supply chain, and customer experience. Disparate systems silo data and processes, limiting collaboration and slowing the decision-making process. HCM cloud connects all lines of business to provide executives access to powerful decision-making data.                                                                  

Employee Empowerment

Employees expect enterprise technology solutions to complement their work processes, similar to how smartphone applications and digital assistants help in planning their personal lives. It is time workplace technology catches up at a similar pace of innovation.

Cloud HR technology defeats menial tasks and enables your employees to maintain a high level of productivity. HR employees become more autonomous when performing their tasks and rely less on your IT department. With cloud solutions like Oracle’s HCM Cloud, your HR department has the power to make system configurations unique to each group’s needs—be it business units, geographies, or worker types—without involving IT. Cloud offerings like Advanced HCM Controls enable HR personnel to manage employee data and monitor system errors within a connected HCM dashboard. When employees receive the HR information they need they perform better and your HR teams become a more proactive and impactful line of business.

Oracle HCM Cloud Independence

The Bottom Line

By revolutionizing your HR technology and moving to the cloud, you can see positive financial results in the short run and long run. Your organization’s total cost significantly decreases when your HR solutions are in the cloud and we’ve seen this in our own experiences, with customers experiencing a 52% decrease in TCO. Linx Cargo Care Group saved millions of dollars on yearly upgrade costs by migrating their disparate systems to cloud. Cloud technology reduces your maintenance and IT costs and reduces customizations that are required to meet your business needs. By reducing customizations, you can refocus your IT and HRIS personnel on more impactful tasks.

Oracle Soar to the Cloud

Digital transformation is now affecting a variety of industries. With research showing that 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020, the time to move to the cloud is now. Oracle Soar is a packaged offering to bring on-premises customers to the cloud in as short of an implementation timeline as 20 weeks. Talk to a HCM applications manager about the Oracle Soar program and modernize your HR technology today.

Get Started

Declare your own independence today and request a demo of Oracle’s HCM Cloud by clicking here.

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