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Constellation Video Series: Bridge the Productivity Gap

David Sason
Director of Content & Product Marketing

Recently, Holger Mueller of Constellation Research and Gretchen Alarcon, Oracle’s GVP of Product Strategy, got together for an illuminating series of six videos discussing Modern HR challenges—and the opportunities they present for HCM software.

You can view the first video, “Bridge the Productivity Gap,” below, or read the transcript instead.

Gretchen Alarcon: Welcome, Holger. Let's get right into it. We spend a lot of time talking with our customers about what's going on in their markets, and what we're hearing is that while technology is having a lot of innovation, organizations aren't seeing the resulting business productivity. Why do you think that is?

Holger Mueller: It's really interesting. There's a gap between what technology can do and where business best practices are. And that's a huge challenge for enterprise, because they know they need to move faster. Enterprise exploration is the buzz word around that, right? What can enterprise do to move faster, to accelerate toward their goals.

And employees experience that gap all the time because personal technology has kept up with that, in the way of being much more human to interact with because we can use speech to speak to at least our smartphones already, and to our PCs, potentially.

So that's not happening in the workplace yet, and that gap is frustrating for employers, and it's important to fill that gap.

Gretchen Alarcon: So what do you think organizations should do? What actions should they take if they want to really improve their organizational productivity?

Holger Mueller: Well, they need to find ways to automate pieces of that, and the cool thing to do in these days is artificial intelligence, AI, which requires big data to measure everything behind there. And then find ways of automating things. A closer to home for a job professional is to find ways to find “where's the talent in my organization?”

Because we now want to move faster, the people which help me the most to go faster are the ones which are already inside of my organization. And the worst thing that you can have is that you try to find a candidate from the outside, and you have good people inside who could do the job right away, right now. So you don't get them faster by hiring from the outside who's not that qualified.

But when you hire from the outside, you have to bring them up to speed very quickly, so modern ways of learning are essential for that, and I coined the term of “Transboarding,” because there's so much talk of onboarding, but transfers will have to be onboarded as well. And the success of a transfer to onboard is even more important, because we expect them to be going right away.

So get a talent depth chart, understand where the talent is in the organization, inside, outside of the organization. Transboarding to bring people faster in the places, coupled with modern learning to bring them up to speed even before they have to get that job.

Gretchen Alarcon: Great, thank you.

We'll be sharing the next video from the series, “Make Work More Human,” in the coming weeks. Visit oracle.com/HCM to learn more.

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