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Connect With Colleagues in a Whole New Way

According to a recent study by Mercer, 1 in 3 of organizations expect that 50% of their workforce will be remote as we exit the pandemic. This is a 10x increase since last year. In fact, you might be reading this right now from your home office (or the kitchen table, depending on your setup).

It’s my fourth week working at Oracle and it has been an interesting experience onboarding while working from home during a pandemic. I have been grateful for the technology and friendly teammates to make my experience as painless as possible in our new workplace environment.

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One thing that I will be missing is attending Oracle OpenWorld in person this Fall. Don’t get me wrong, I am very much looking forward to attending Oracle Live virtually to absorb all the great content and engaging with other attendees. However, no matter how amazing the virtual experience is, I will miss the excitement of an in-person event, especially one as BIG as Oracle OpenWorld. I love any opportunity to meet customers in person, as well as other colleagues from around the world.

While I onboard at home, I am also missing meeting other employees in the office that might regularly work there or happen to be visiting for meetings. So, what am I doing instead to make those oh-so-important connections? Studying our org chart of course! 

Enter Oracle Connections. Oracle Connections allows employees to easily access information about their coworker’s background, interests, skills, and aspirations, from any device. Here’s how our product helps blended teams interact to improve the employee experience.

Connect with colleagues in a whole new way through Oracle Connections.

Foster collaboration with an integrated directory and org chart

Oracle Connections allows companies to integrate their employee directory and org chart with personal employee profile pages. Employees can easily find peers to foster cross-functional collaboration.

Connect with colleagues in a whole new way through Oracle Connections.

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Help employees connect with colleagues in a whole new way

With so many organizations taking advantage of remote work, it’s more important than ever to be able to interact with colleagues - and get to know them—in new and interesting ways. 

  • Employees can share skills and interests while building their internal brand. They can easily enhance their personal profile by quickly importing their LinkedIn profile information.
  • With the intro video available through Oracle Connections, employees can introduce themselves so colleagues know exactly how to say their name, where they are located, their pronouns, and anything else they might want to mention. 
  • Easy to record and upload, these introduction videos help everyone quickly learn more about teammates or uncover a potential new mentor. 

Oracle Connections is just another way we are helping make the employee experience more complete and engaging. Whether employees are working from an office or from home, Oracle Connections can drive connectivity and create relationships, which are critical for productivity and social well-being.

Learn more about Oracle Connections and other Oracle products that support organizations as we adapt to our changing workplace at Oracle Live.

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