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Career Development is Better in the Cloud

Lauren Antone
Product Marketing Manager

The pandemic has forced companies across the world to adapt to and embrace remote work. What may have been a trying and bumpy transition for some organizations, was a smooth and successful transition for others. So much so, that companies like Gartner, Microsoft, Dropbox, Twitter, and Zillow recently announced extended or indefinite remote work, demonstrating that this new workplace is not only sustainable but productive for the business. 

Now that the dust has settled and stability has returned to the workplace, an important question is stirring amongst employees: what does my career development and professional growth look like at my company, particularly in a post-COVID-19 work environment? 
While career development may have taken a back seat to the many demands facing organizations in the early months of the pandemic, today it is critical for organizations to re-focus their attention on supporting the developmental needs and professional goals of their employees. 

Engaged employees, progressing in their careers while developing the necessary skills to support changing business priorities, will create resilience now and into the future. According to Gartner, 68% of HR leaders view building critical skills and competencies as their number one priority in 2021 and report it’s vital to driving organizational initiatives, such as improving operational excellence or executing business transformation. 

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In light of the new workplace dynamic, technology decisions that prioritize access from anywhere and employee experience are more important than ever before – with half of HR and business leaders looking to put a greater focus on the employee experience in 2020. Employees continue to spend more time at home benefitting from the latest technologies in their personal life, be that their smartphone, Siri, or Amazon Alexa, and want the same intuitive, simplified experience when they are at work. This explains why 72% of organizations already have core HR applications in the cloud or plan to in 2020, according to PwC’s HR Technology Survey, with many organizations making the move from legacy, on-premises applications to the cloud in order to deliver modern experiences that their employees expect.

For HR, this means providing managers and employees with the right resources and familiar tools that will enable them to hone coaching skills and facilitate ongoing discussions around accomplishments, areas for growth, and educational opportunities to build or refine skills from anywhere in the world.  

Career development is better in the cloud, especially in today's uncertain world.

Organizations with HR cloud applications in place have a leg up, delivering dynamic goal and performance management solutions that help employees easily set and execute on individual career goals that are aligned with business priorities. Managers and employees benefit from flexible tools that automate performance processes, enabling continuous performance conversations and check-ins to help stay connected and aligned on the employee’s progress, current needs, and future aspirations. 

Digital assistants are innovative and valuable tools that help make conversational HR a reality for organizations and improve employee adoption and engagement. HR teams can provide employees with easy, consistent access to HR services and processes, anytime and from any device. For example, managers and employees can instantly share feedback with one another to support coaching and goal attainment. Recommendations for learning opportunities and skill development can also be delivered directly to employees, prompting them to take a proactive role in their own career development.

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Journeys offer a new approach for modern organizations to communicate and connect with employees in a deeper way by providing guided paths that help navigate personal and professional change. These pre-built sets of tasks are unique to each employee. For example, employees that have been able to achieve their developmental goals and have reached a milestone in their career might trigger a Journey to update their goals, skills, find a mentor, and even determine the next step forward in their career. By providing step-by-step instructions that can include check-ins with managers, learning courses, videos, or other helpful resources, your organization can build paths for employees to follow that will be engaging, intuitive, and support their career growth.

With Oracle Cloud HCM, we deliver all of this and more to help our customers provide their workforce with modern experiences and innovative tools that will ensure their employees have the right tools to foster career development. To learn more about our solution and how you can get started with a move to the cloud today, visit: https://www.oracle.com/human-capital-management/solutions/move-to-cloud/

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