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  • May 14, 2018

Are Your New Hires Looking for a New Job Already?

Divya Malik
Marketing Director

Last week I was headed to Las Vegas to present at our annual user conference at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Resort. Three days prior to my arrival, the hotel sent me a precheck-in email. When I arrived, I was delighted at the hotel’s fast registration process. All I had to do was show my ID and I was on my way to the room.

Unfortunately, such positive experiences do not happen on a regular basis. Often a weary traveler ends up frustrated due to long registration times, wrong room assignments or just merely lack of service. Small changes in service can go a long way in improving someone’s experience.

Welcome Aboard

Businesses have started realizing that a good onboarding experience significantly impacts new hires, employee engagement and retention, which ultimately leads to a business’s success. Organizations spend a lot of time and effort looking for that right candidate, taking them through an extensive hiring cycle and putting out offers. But once the candidate accepts, the trouble begins. Recently, a friend of mine received a verbal offer from a well-known company. She accepted it and was very excited to start but had to wait for the actual offer letter. It took three months from verbal offer to day one of her new job, during which there was little communication from her hiring manager. Though it was her dream job, she came close to giving up on it and taking on another position that had come through within days of interviewing.

Early and effective pre-boarding help employees know their future peers. They can read and watch content in advance to understand the company culture, values and expectations. With a warm welcome, employees start to immediately connect with the company and feel a sense of belonging


A Successful New Hire

Let’s talk about, Sara Evans. She is a new hire at a large tech company. Sara is excited about this new opportunity but was also nervous. Fortunately for her, the company sent her relevant information and links which took her through a guided pre-boarding process. The welcome package with useful information like the campus map, layout of the floor and her sign-on details for her first day helped Sara get acquainted quickly. Although she is new to the organization, she is already familiar with the company culture and priorities on her first day. On average, companies lose 17% of their new hires during the first three months

In most organizations, the onboarding process is not so smooth, employees start their early days feeling lost and confused, not ready to get started. Their first days are engulfed in administrative tasks instead of focusing on valuable activities to get productive quicker. 


The Onboarding Experience for all Employees

Pre-boarding and onboarding are not limited to new hires. These experiences translate to all job transitions like internal transfers or promotions. It is just as important to onboard employees to a new role as it was when they joined the organization. That same new hire who has now been a long-term employee will continue to be your brand ambassador if supported well throughout her tenure at the organization.

An Onboarding Solution that is Effective

Oracle HCM Onboarding enables organizations to make work more human by providing meaningful and enriching pre-boarding and onboarding experiences designed to drive immediate engagement. The technology also allows organizations to extend this experience to existing employees during their career transitions.

Learn more about Onboarding at cloud.oracle.com/hcm.

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