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Are You Following These 3 Laws of Attraction to Get the People You Want?

Sunita Khatri
Director, Product Marketing

A year ago, finding qualified talent already was top of mind for businesses. Today, research indicates that we’re headed into a prolonged talent shortage, which means that not only is it difficult to find qualified talent for a particular role, but specialized technical roles will get tougher to fill.

The good news is that there are plenty of options for finding talent. Businesses are leveraging social recruiting as a primary channel in finding active job seekers. Talent acquisition teams are focused explicitly on “recruitment marketing,” where recruiters are responsible for candidate generation and nurture, similar to lead generation. However, with all these new and emerging techniques to find potential employees, businesses are struggling to maximize their acquisition efforts. Here are three recruiting laws of attraction when you think of recruiting the people you want.

Think Outcome, Not Activities

A tougher job market won’t equal a bigger budget. This means that finding people has become less about activities and more about outcomes. For an effective return on investment, talent acquisition will have to do more with less. The first step is researching the sources of talent that work best and optimizing those channels for quality, not just volume. For example, if you get the best volume and hires from keyword searches, then take a closer look at why you’re ranking so well for those keywords and follow the candidate journey from click to conversion to minimize drop-off and increase applications. Get closer with your top sources of talent.

Tell Your Story

Most businesses are leveraging all the right channels to find new talent, including online job boards, ad buys, social recruiting, job fairs, and more. The question is, are all those activities going forth with one voice, vision, and message? Do job seekers identify with your brand and if so what does your brand emanate? What you put out is what candidates will feel. If your activities are not forming a connection that builds inspiration and passion to change jobs, then you’re not truly building a talent community. 75% of talent acquisition leaders say that their talent brand significantly impacts their ability to hire great employees. How and what you narrate within your communication channels is the "act of marketing" your human capital management story and how others respond to it determines the health of your talent brand. The approach is very similar to that of a Marketers' idea of brand building. The only difference is that Marketers are targeting prospective buyers and your target is a job seeker, the journey remains the same. The fastest way to bolstering your brand is empowering the workforce as brand ambassadors to help amp your message.

Matt Charney of Recruiting Daily will speak at HCM World about marketing fundamentals that HR pros need to know in order to build a communications strategy and effective brand both inside and out. For now here are a few budget-friendly ways HR can build their talent brand. 

Personalize the Experience

Ruby Tuesday, a customer of Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud, recently shared insights on how implementing a new digital standard has transformed the employer-employee relationship. Employee and customer engagement are way up, the VP of human resources told us, and attrition is down.

Most businesses are realizing personalization is key in connecting with new and existing talent. If your careers site and onboarding processes are wildly different from how you interact with your customers, then there’s a chance a new applicant may feel disconnected and less empowered to pursue a career in a company that’s not prioritizing employees.Mary Kay, one of the world's largest direct-selling companies will be presenting a case study at HCM World on using Oracle HCM Cloud technology to recruit and develop it's large base of representatives. 

HCM World: An HR Event in Chicago  

At the next Oracle HCM World event in April, we will feature exclusive sessions dedicated to “Finding People” in today’s evolving job market. We’ll take a closer at each of these areas to provide deeper insights, case studies, and guidance on achieving greater efficiency in how you attract and hire talent today. Here are a few of the many topics that will be featured in this track:

Find out more about HCM World. 

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