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8 Steps for a Successful Workout Plan to Strengthen your Core (HR)

 Guest post written by Jeff Haynes and the team at Baker Tilly's Human Capital Services practice. 

Has your core seen better days? Has it been several years since your core was worked on as the foundation for all the critical activities that add value? Wait, are we talking about your life or your HRIS?  The analogy doesn’t end there.  Just like anyone who has hired a personal trainer knows – everyone’s fitness goals are different and personal trainers do not always take the same approach with every client.

Similarly, a highly tailored workout plan built for an organization’s unique fitness goals is the optimal way to enable them to flex their muscles in Human Capital Management.  And that’s the approach we take. All of our (Baker Tilly) clients have followed a distinctive journey warming up to the execution of their unique workout plan in order to strengthen and leverage their core in new and better ways.

Here are 8 steps we (Baker Tilly) follow to ensure our clients’ strengths, as well as opportunities for improvement, are assessed and a custom workout plan is developed to help them accomplish their goals and achieve the outcomes they envision.

  1. Set your workout goal:  What is the outcome you are looking to looking to achieve?   Is it better efficiency (e.g. speedier process time) and / or effectiveness (e.g. wise decision-making by your managers)?
  2. Identify your fitness imperatives:  How will you achieve your workout goal?  Is this a matter of process-reengineering or technology or both?
  3. Isolate muscle groups and define their roles:  How does each “muscle group” (e.g. business suits and job functions) need to contribute to your “fitness” goals and plan?  Do some play a great role?  Are they currently strong enough?
  4. Dust off your equipment:  Are you organized with the tools and “equipment” to be successful? Understand an organization’s existing tools, processes, routines, business calendars and related initiatives.
  5. Tailor plans to unique requirements and conditions:  Every athlete is different, every sport is different. Consider situational complexities.
  6. Understand and set priorities:  Evaluate all known choices and alternatives for techniques and processes.
  7. Evaluate and plan resources wisely:  How much time does the athlete have to commit to this workout plan? What existing skill level does the athlete have, and what monetary obligation can the athlete make?
  8. Build the Tailored Workout Plan!  Combine all tailored elements to create an executable plan and begin to work against it.

That’s not all!  Here are additional training tips as you warm up for a core transformation:

  • Build a strategic workout plan that looks beyond just the technology – incorporate process reengineering and change management up front.
  • Investigate your Personal Trainer.  HCM Cloud consultants have different approaches and results – investigate and select the right one for your “Core Transformation” journey.
  • Look to the future!  Don’t bring yesterday’s processes to today’s platform – consider leading processes, many of which are likely already enabled in the technology.
  • Don’t confuse product expertise with implementation expertise – strategic consulting partners will guide you beyond one vendor’s technology and build integration between your disparate systems
  • Don’t apply old techniques and evaluation processes to your new workout equipment.  Implementing Cloud software is not about requirement documentation – it’s about agile, iterative design sessions.

We hope that this view into Strengthening your Core has been helpful. Join us at Oracle HCM World 2017Baker Tilly is sponsoring the Core (HR) Strength track and will open the conference sessions with Engage your Core! A Tailored Workout Plan to Build your Core (HR) Strength (Wednesday, April 12, 11:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. | Salon E).


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