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  • May 24, 2018

5 Tips to Engage & Retain Young Professionals

Guest Author

Written by Shelby Aprile, Senior Marketing Campaigns Manager, Oracle HCM Cloud

In today’s workforce, millennials and young professionals often get a bad rap – we’re seen as entitled, arrogant, and, perhaps most prevalently, we’re seen as disloyal job-hoppers looking for the fastest, easiest route to a promotion. And in today’s labor market, there are plenty of jobs to hop to. 

As a millennial in tech, I’ve experienced firsthand some of my industry’s finest recruitment strategies and employee engagement initiatives. Sometimes outlandish, yet incredibly enticing, offers cloak Silicon Valley: everything from free onsite yoga classes and gyms to fresh gourmet meals, nap pods, theme-park like game rooms and desk-side ergonomic specialists—not to mention exorbitant sign-on bonuses, flashy stock grants, and lavish parties and getaways.

There are times, admittedly, when I’ve come close to being wooed by these generous incentives. The recruiters come a-knocking and I may have, on an occasion or two, sat at my desk and fantasized about my career path (and the complimentary lattes) at a competitor or imagined what it would be like to bask in the perks of a company other than my own. But I haven’t made the jump, and I credit that to Oracle’s unique company culture and the outstanding employee experience I’ve enjoyed during my five years here.

Below are five elements that have shaped my experience and that keep me, as a millennial, a happy, engaged and loyal employee:

Training & Development

I joined Oracle right out of college. From day one, I was given valuable learning opportunities – in cutting-edge marketing best practices and the business acumen that seasoned professionals might take for granted. I was given a solid corporate foundation that I can carry with me throughout the rest of my career.

And Oracle continues to invest in my personal and professional development. I have access to a plethora of resources and have been given the opportunity to take courses in everything from Python to Photoshop, but also personal and professional development workshops focusing on topics such as negotiation, influence, and leadership. Employees receive monthly trainings from leaders on the forefront of marketing and technology, and we have access to powerful social collaboration tools and learning platforms to enable knowledge-sharing across the organization.

I also get exposure to executives and senior leaders throughout the organization, and the way they think and work.  Within my first two years at Oracle, I had been in meetings with very senior team members, including our CMO, Judith Sim. This is remarkable, given Oracle is a multi-billion dollar company.


There’s no doubt about it, feeling important and valued feels good and matters. I appreciate and relish knowing that my colleagues and leaders trust me, that I’m of strategic importance, and that I’m contributing to Oracle’s success. I’m grateful that I have the freedom to create and try new things and that I’m empowered to pitch, develop, and execute exciting projects that push the boundaries to drive results.


Oracle has given me the flexibility to grow. I’ve transitioned into different roles to gain both breadth and depth of experience in marketing, I’ve supported different product lines and I’ve partnered with teams across lines of business and around the globe. I’ve been able to travel to customers, colleagues, and conferences, work out of several different offices, and I’ve even relocated for a period of time with my current role in the company.


Oracle is a Fortune 100 company, so yes, it has money to deliver exceptional experiences for its employees and its 430,000+ customers.  I not only have the technology and resources to do my job in the best possible way, but I also burst with pride when I see the time, energy and capital Oracle puts into rolling out the red carpet for our customers and prospects worldwide. Whether we’re painting San Francisco red for Oracle OpenWorld, hosting gameday in a luxury stadium suite, or serving an intimate dinner prepared by a celebrity chef, it’s exciting to see our customers light up, admire our brand, collaborate with one another on challenges and visions, and most importantly, know that they are valued and appreciated.

(Yes that's me with NFL star, Jerry Rice!)

Supportive Management and Leadership

I have been fortunate enough to work for and alongside of remarkable, inspiring, and extremely competent leaders and role models. They invest in me, my growth, and my development, and so many of them continue to be valuable coaches and mentors.  I’ve been given opportunities to get exposure to multiple domains and applications, and across multiple activities in our organization.

I work hard, but Oracle recognizes my contributions and my desire to bring value and grow.

For more information, please visit the Chemistry of High Performance.

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