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3 data-driven strategies to win back-to-school shoppers in 2019

Last year, shoppers spent more than $700 per household on back-to-school supplies. How can you get a piece of that big spend?

Get our back-to-school audience strategies to stay ahead of the curve and drive sales, and check out our shareable infographic for the insights you need to connect with the right buyers at the right time.

Utilize these strategies to take your campaign to the next level, maximize your marketing spend, and deepen connections with your audience well into the school year.

Winning Strategy #1:

Reach your audience where they shop retail, whether online or in-store. Levels of affluence have distinct spending patterns. Make sure you know where your audience spends.

Winning Strategy #2:

The data doesn’t lie: Back-to-school shopping on mobile devices increased 64 percent in 2017. Put your marketing dollars behind mobile.

Winning Strategy #3:

Both the top 1 percent and the bottom 30 percent, by affluence, of shoppers spend at big-box stores. How do you connect with both? Consider 2nd party data sharing with your key big-box retailer partner to identify and understand overlap shoppers. 

Want to dive deeper into these three winning strategies? Download our back-to-school shoppers infographic and gain access to the latest data-driven tips.

Want to win back-to-school audiences? Contact The Data Hotline.

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