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Voice of the customer is powerful

Last week on AdWeek’s “SocialTimes” social media blog, they highlighted what brands can learn from customer conversations on social media. Here at Oracle Data Cloud, we call that “Voice of the Customer” data and it’s powerful. Listening to your customers’ voice can provide answers to the key questions we wish to answer as business decision makers: Who are my prime audience targets? What trends are shaping around my products and services? Are my customers happy? How do the answers impact sales?

The customer voice comes in many forms and channels, and it’s not limited to social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. Organizations can extract data from their own properties like customer service chat logs, forums as well as customer review sites, surveys and just about anywhere that customers and potential customers are engaging with products online.

By listening to the voice of the customer, businesses can identify potential quality issues and react before those issues turn into problem areas. For example, the automotive industry is often challenged by quality issues, which can lead to costly recalls. Are your customers talking about problems on forums that are consistent with a particular make or model? You may have just uncovered a potential flaw, which can be solved before the problem escalates and make product changes to avoid it.

eMarketer reports that brands spent 180+ billion dollars on media ad spending in 2014. Brands can run metrics on campaigns to see how well they’ve done, but what about mediums where metrics are not readily available or specific? TV for example, is historically hard to measure impact on – not if you listen to your customer’s voice.

Oracle Social reported this year on the top ads during the Super Bowl – the most watched event on TV. Brands saw immediate impact on social media. For example, Always created the inspiring #LIKEAGIRL campaign. The impactful commercial drove the strongest social engagement of any Super Bowl ad. Through analysis of customer voice, brands can track not only customer engagement, positive and negative sentiment and which brands dominated the share of voice on social.

Voice is powerful, not just for the customer, but for brands too.

Learn more about how listening to your customer’s voice can inform better business decisions:

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