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Use personalization to update your loyal shoppers recipe

This blog post was contributed by Karen Shaak, Manager, Client Solutions, Oracle Data Cloud.

A pinch of single-purchase discounts, a cup of 1:1 targeting, and stir in some relevant rewards for loyal shoppers: that’s quite a recipe. Together, these ingredients form the cornerstone of the Oracle Data Cloud Shopper Intelligence team’s Targeted Shopper Program.

The Targeted Shopper program is a direct mail or email program that rewards our clients’ customers with offers that are unique to them based on their purchase behavior. These rewards drive an increase in both shopping trips and shopping spend in stores.

As personalization and impactful messaging continue to become more important for marketers, retailers should constantly ask themselves, “Where is personalized messaging most meaningful to my shoppers, and how can I get the recipe?”

It’s good to keep in mind that not all advertising, web content, and offers need to be personalized. You do have to use generalized messaging to pique the interest of shoppers as you innovate with your products. But in the right areas, personalization can be the differentiator between you and your competitors. We partner closely with our retailer clients to dig into their shopper trends to help them determine where those areas exist. Let’s take a look at an example where personalization was the recipe for success.

Gathering the Ingredients
In 2015, tasked with a 3-month development time frame, we assembled a cross-functional team to scope out and build a personalized recipes solution for one of our partners. We created a method to ingest recipes from multiple sources as well as an algorithm to rank key ingredients, map differentiating ingredients to our proprietary Essence (lifestyle / lifestage) segments, and deliver 1:1 targeted recipes for each household.

Mix Well
We ran live test targeting on a subset of the retailer’s Targeted Shopper Program audience over the course of three mailer events. This allowed us to assess the process and the results so that we could tweak the recipe program based on ingredient mapping, Essence profiles, and seasonality.

Taste Test
At the end of the three mailer events, we presented the process to our client and used their executives’ shopping behavior to test for relevancy. All of the execs expressed that the recipes that we targeted to them were recipes they would use. The client opted to go live to their entire Targeted Shopper Program audience and indicated that the recipes piece of their Targeted Shopper Program is a key component of their personalization strategy.

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