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Top 5 challenges for retail marketers this spring/summer

Summer is just around the corner, so we thought it would be a great time to check in with Jenni Burton, Director, Client Solutions, Oracle Data Cloud on what’s top of mind for retail marketers this season.

Here are her top 5 challenges for retail marketers in late spring/early summer:

Challenge 1:

With the completion of the winter holiday season, the largest spending season of the year in retail, I’ve seen many retailers shift focus. Now is the time of year to get back to basics and reevaluate audience strategy.

Marketers are looking to discover and capitalize on the best ways to reach their customers in 2016 – starting with a strong spring season. And since retail tends to have a big brick and mortar presence in addition to online presence, marketers in this field are always aiming to perfect their offline and online purchase targeting, which is something Oracle Data Cloud does so well.

Challenge 2:

The complexity of mobile is another challenge right now for marketers – mainly driven by the fact that 2015 was the first year that we saw more people spending time on mobile devices than on desktop. Since the consumer pattern has now changed, marketers must also adapt to the way they reach those consumers. It can be overwhelming to look at mobile as a whole.

Our team helps retailers find the best audiences to target on mobile to get results for their campaign by connecting the buyer’s journey. We take a look at in-store purchases from mobile to desktop, brick and mortar to household, and help marketers connect the dots. So even though mobile is challenging, it’s also something we can really help retailers with this season and in fact throughout the year.

Challenge 3:

If a retailer is starting to invest in mobile, we tend to get questions such as, “how can I combine purchase data with location data?” Because we have brick and mortar locations, retailers want to know which storefronts are most effective, and where shoppers tend to visit the most. The challenge for retail marketers is how to integrate location data into the consumer’s profile. The Oracle ID Graph combines past purchase data with location-based data providers to create a very powerful audience for retailers.

Challenge 4:

Sometimes we are asked to overcome a challenge that technology has not yet addressed. A question we often field is, “How can we better measure TV?” There’s a lot invested in TV, from marketing campaigns to budgets, and being able to understand the actual measurement tools coupled with TV viewing is top of mind for many retailers right now.

Oracle Data Cloud is at the top of the field as we look for new ways to link purchases to TV, as well as show retail marketers how they can connect with more targeted audiences using this channel. I personally think the “TV nut” will be cracked in the next decade, and a data company like ours will be the ones to do it.

Challenge 5:

This season, and throughout 2016, we’re working closely with retailers to help put the consumer at the absolute center of focus. For example, we often talk about the idea of “addressability” and how our consumer footprint really defines us across multiple channels.

Consumers create so much data across so many channels that it can be challenging to reach them holistically, but what’s the best way to address this from a retail perspective? Whether that’s reaching someone socially, on the open web or on a mobile device, our goal is to help retailers overcome those challenges as we help every step of the way. Retail marketers can now leverage that strong foundation with the Oracle ID Graph to be able to reach their marketing goals in 2016 and beyond.

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