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  • April 3, 2019

This month in data: Analyzing America's 1% and unlocking your potential

To kick off this month’s edition of the Data Drop, we’re featuring a video meant to inspire you. Whatever corner of the industry you’re in – whether you are with a brand, an agency, a publisher, or work for a technology platform – we are passionate about helping you unlock your potential and drive better business outcomes.

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Pass the caviar: What our data says about America's 1%

Whether you are a high-end retailer, organic food manufacturer, or foreign car importer, see how to reach these valuable consumers.

  • Income: The top 1% typically have a household income of $400K+ and a net worth of more than $10MM (Median U.S. household income: $55K).
  • Home value: Approximately 92% of this population live in homes valued over $600K (U.S. median home value: $190K).
  • Career: The elites are 40% more likely than the rest of Americans to work as financial or sales decision makers.


Media consumption habits:

  • Prefer Twitter and email over Facebook
  • They are also 73% more likely to use iOS devices (Apple has those 1 percenters nailed)
  • Light TV viewers (too busy crushing the capitalism game)


Shopping habits:

  • The elite are 6x more likely than the average American to spend money upscale apparel, both in-store and online.
  • Luxury department stores, women's yoga/activewear stores, and kitchen equipment stores are their favorite places to shop.


Vehicle purchasing habits:

  • Twice as likely to own luxury sedans and 3.3x as likely to be in the market for luxury SUVs compared to national baselines.
  • The favorite brands are Land Rover, Aston Martin, Porsche, and Audi.

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Important insights on invalid traffic

In digital advertising, dealing with IVT is a given. But tracking IVT effectively is not.

Based on Moat Analytics benchmarks, more than 89% of channels have less than a 10% IVT rate. However, more than 30% of the rest have more than a 20% IVT rate. This is high, as latest reports show the average rate of invalid traffic in programmatic advertising is around 10-15%.

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Let's talk a-bot it: How to protect mobile campaigns from ad fraud

An increasingly important conversation happening in digital advertising is ad fraud. At Oracle Data Cloud, we take this issue very seriously because trust is important to us. So, how can you detect mobile ad fraud and differentiate it from non-devious types of invalid traffic?

Give me the 411 on ad fraud


4 Tips for effective brand safety

Brand safety can be a tricky business. Yet one of the most important jobs for a marketer is to make sure their messages aren't bad for business. Here is a quick checklist for a solid brand safe strategy.

  • Enable technology that scans many millions of pages, videos, and audio files every second and uses proprietary magic to meet your targeting and avoidance requirements.
  • Select positive and negative keywords and word combinations for your brand and specific campaigns.
  • Use context and relevance to make sure you're not blocking yourself from game-changing opportunities.
  • Keep updating your safety strategy while continuing to scale your audience!

Get more in-depth information about the intricacies of brand safety and the Oracle Data Cloud contextual intelligence technology in our special Brand Safety blog series.


Are your spring and summer campaigns ready

These audiences are based on purchase behaviors and interests around spring cleaning. They include offline activities like consumer spending during springtime, plus online behaviors such as visiting seasonal web pages. Here's a sampling of our Spring Cleaning audiences:

Spring cleaning

  • Oracle: Seasonal and Holiday spring cleaning 
  • Oracle: Lifestyle - home and garden gardening, lawn & yard care
  • Oracle: Hobbies and interests home and garden
  • Oracle: Home improvement (DIY)
  • Oracle: Retail in-market home and garden
  • Grapeshot: Home gardening


Summer travel

Oracle travel audiences include consumers interested and in-market for air travel, hotels, rentals, cruises, and vacation packages.

  • Oracle: Travel and tourism – in-market – advanced booking, departures, destinations, trip length, and more
  • Oracle: Travel and tourism – interest (affinity) – destinations, personas, and products
  • Oracle: Loyalty – air travel, car rentals, hotel and lodging     
  • Grapeshot: Interest – frequent travelers        
  • Grapeshot: Travel – air, business, cruise, family, holidays, and more
  • Grapeshot: Predicts – travel


Premier data provider

Warm weather is just around the corner. To help you prepare, V12 offers high-performing seasonal audiences created from robust 3rd party data assets including 215+ million consumer contacts with full addresses, 186+ million VINs, 300 million monthly cookies, and 1,900 audience segments. Sample spring cleaning and summer travel audiences include:


  • Spring Cleaning
  • Spring Gardening
  • Spring Apparel Shoppers


Summer Travel

  • Holiday Travelers
  • Cruisers
  • High-End Travelers
  • International Travelers
  • Leisure Travelers


Oracle Data Cloud Premier Data Provider Program

We recognize the challenge of identifying the right data to use in your business. It’s hard to know who to trust and what's right for you. To make things easier, we identified the industry’s leading data providers and listed them in our Premier Data Provider program. This program is a select group of 18 providers based on favorable brand equity, unique data assets, and differentiated solutions.

Learn more about the Premier Data Provider Program here           


MediaMath and Oracle are creating better experiences for both marketers and consumers

Oracle Data Cloud and MediaMath have worked together for years to offer best-in-class solutions to digital advertisers. We joined forces to offer MediaMath Contextual Powered by Oracle, a pre-bid targeting solution that allows you to put your brand messages in the most relevant, timely environments.

Read more on MediaMath's latest Partner Spotlight          


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