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THIS is what happens in Vegas – DRIVE: The Automotive Marketing Summit

Over February 10-11 2016, Oracle Data Cloud, in partnership with IHS Automotive, the leader in the automotive data industry, invited attendees to connect with top thought leaders at DRIVE 2016.

Oracle Data Cloud is in a unique industry position, with the ability to bring together the best and the brightest from both the buy side and the sell side of the automotive market,” said Joe Kyriakoza, General Manager, Automotive, Oracle Data Cloud. “DRIVE offers an intimate and educational environment that allows automotive marketers to walk away with actionable information to leverage immediately.”

Let’s discuss the key takeaways from DRIVE, directly from top industry thought leaders.

In the event’s keynote address, John Militello, Director, Marketing Innovation and Strategy, Volvo discussed how coming from a creative and ad tech background can be applied to automotive marketing strategy. Militello touched on how consensus-driven decision-making kills ideas, and emphasized the importance of finding “the da Vinci spark” between client and agency. He added that marketing as an art requires “an eye for design, an ear for music and words, and a taste for style.”

Rich Greenfield, Media & Tech Analyst, BTIG stood out to many attendees with his take on the future of advertising and technology as a gage on the long-term health of the automotive industry. Greenfield, one of the most prominent Wall Street analysts and a frequent CNBC commentator, had a frank and hard-hitting speaking style that powered engaging insights in a fireside chat with Steven Wolfe Pereira, VP, Brand Strategy & Marketing Solutions, Oracle Data Cloud.

“It was interesting to hear from Rich, who asked, ‘When you are seeing that your money can be better spent in other ways, why is so much being spent in the traditional TV area for auto marketers?’ said Wolfe Pereira. “It really resonated when Rich said that ‘Digital is disrupting every business and automakers need to make a break from the legacy playbook.’”

Next, Imran Khan, Chief Strategy Officer, Snapchat, Inc. provided insights on the popular social media tool, saying that while Snapchat is referenced as the “millennials social media tool,” most generations are now using Snapchat. “Everything starts with the camera,” said Khan, “and we're the most connected camera platform.”

Steven Wolfe Pereira also spoke with Aaron Walton, Founder, Walton Isaacson and Ricardo Viramontes, Creative Director, Lyft for a thought-provoking discussion on how culture feeds directly into every aspect of a marketing campaign. “It was interesting to discuss how marketers understand the drive of culture in their campaigns. That’s where leveraging data technology tools helps marketers to understand created identities,” said Wolfe Pereira of the session.

DRIVE 2016 Event Key Takeaways

Another hot topic for the modern age: the future of measurement in the automotive industry. Joe Kyriakoza and Pierce Hasler, Sr. Director, Auto Strategy, Oracle Data Cloud collaborated to discuss the fact that while there is a lot of money spent on media, very small fractions of that are spent on actually measuring that media.

“There is an inherent gap between the dollars that are being spent on media and measurement of the massive amounts of data captured by automakers today as a result of that media,” said Kyriakoza. “The future of good measurement has the components of being always on, encompassing all of your media, fully attributable, with the ability to measure a true sales lift.”

DRIVE 2016 wouldn’t have been complete without a real-life chance to drive some of the most advanced racecars at Las Vegas Motor Speedway provided by Dream Racing, as well as a virtual driving experience from Infiniti, and a virtual sports experience from STRIVR. With VR proving to be much more than a gaming phenomenon, it was a fantastic way to discover how this technology can impact the car buying experience of the future.

With industry thought leaders from near and far traveling to be a part of this informative and exciting event, auto marketers certainly walked away with an experience they will not soon forget. “This is the anti-conference conference,” said Wolfe Pereira. “DRIVE connects automotive marketers with our invited attendees, who are able to directly share how to make automotive marketing better as an industry. We focus on what’s new, what’s now and what’s next in automotive marketing, and really take the idea of a conference to the next level.”

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