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4 Ways to target Halloween audiences this season

Don’t let Halloween scare you—we’ve got all the answers when it comes to targeting Halloween audiences this season.

“The holiday season is a highly-pressurized time for marketers—and Halloween is no exception,” said Josh Harris, Director, Partner Solutions, Oracle Data Cloud.

“From CPG to Retail, marketers are hoping to hit their stride with Halloween campaigns to start the holiday season strong. To do that, it’s vital to be able to target the right customers at the right time—that’s where custom audiences can really help.”

Just drop us a line and we’ll connect you to the customers you care about most, bringing the most value for your marketing dollars.

To get you started, here are four audiences we recommend targeting this Halloween.

Halloween candy buyers
What would Halloween be without candy? Americans will soon be stocking up on Halloween supplies, with an on-average spend of $20 on candy alone. Sample frequent CPG purchases include Halloween chocolate and candy.

Halloween costume purchasers
More than $2B is spent on Halloween costumes annually and we're sure to see people spending through the roof on great disguises this year. Sample frequent retail purchases include Halloween costumes and makeup.

Seasonal Fall audiences
Why stop at Halloween specific—broaden your scope and include Fall audiences focusing on retail shoppers. These consumers spend 3x the national average in any given category, so you can be sure you reach consumers that will make a real impact for your bottom line.

Halloween super shoppers
We recommend targeting individuals who spend two or more times the average at retailers of party supplies, candy, costumes and amusement parks from October 1–30 each year—making these consumers “super shoppers.”

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