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Don’t let siloed teams hinder your marketing success

This week’s guest blog post is contributed by Katie Dulle, Sr. Director Platform Development, Oracle Data Cloud.

For nearly two years, Moat, along with Oracle Data Cloud’s partners and advertisers, has provided 3rd party measurement across the walled gardens such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest.

From our research, we know the primary driver of success in social is a creative message tailored to the right audience and adapted to the unique environment of the platform it’s hosted on.

A big challenge brands face today is breaking down the barriers within their own brand and agency structures.

Specifically, challenges arise between separate media teams, who set the targeting and audience strategy, and creative teams who craft the imagery and messaging delivered visually and audibly to consumers.

Understanding which levers to pull for campaign planning and in-flight optimization demands seamless collaboration between the creative and buying teams across social channels.

During a recent visit to Sao Paulo, Brazil, Moat hosted the first installment of our educational International Measurement Series—with more than 60 attendees representing brands, the largest agency holding companies, and representatives from local publishers and platforms.

The event, an introduction of Moat to the Brazilian market, featured a state of the industry keynote highlighting in-market benchmarks, a spotlight feature on social analytics, and a volunteer panel discussion about the challenges advertisers and agency teams face in quantifying success of their digital marketing investments.

During the panel discussion, Luisa Gomes, Media Supervisor at Leo Burnett in Sao Paulo, focused on the unique agency structures in Brazil that require, by law, all agencies to be full-service.

Agencies don’t specialize in media or creative alone; they incorporate both. Based on what we know about ad performance from a social lens, it’s the ideal structure to optimize social media strategy and creative performance, simultaneously.

On any given day, brands have more than 50 creative and audience combinations live across their social buys. Using granular creative and line-item cuts of Moat data, our teams observe high variability in performance metrics.

These include viewability, in-view time, and quartile analysis, among more than 60 other metrics, which allow brands to draw conclusions about the efficacy of a given creative message, format, or target audience.

Key U.S. agencies are learning what the Brazilian agencies probably already know. According to AdAge in a recent article, Publicis Media identified benefits similar to Brazil’s full-service model.

To combat the fragmented agency landscape and unintended impact on the efficacy and efficiency of social marketing, Publicis now offers a group that gathers all social marketing-related creative, production, and media in one place, according to AdAge.

While the Brazilian market’s approach to agency structures is primarily driven by legal necessity—laws there require agencies to be full-service—the concept isn’t completely untested. Take a look at recent agendas for industry conferences and you’ll likely find a session advocating for the redesign of advertisers’ agency relationships.

IAB Brazil’s Branding and Performance conference in April was no exception. Chris Morgan, Moat GM and Oracle Data Cloud VP, delivered a presentation denoting the importance of 3rd party measurement in today’s attention economy.

His session was bookended by a discussion of reimagining the relationship between agencies and advertisers, and a presentation on an audience- and cost-centric approach to cross-platform digital planning, which also emphasized the importance of consistent, 3rd party measurement.

Ultimately, the group learned that maximizing social marketing investments going forward demands a brand-centric approach allowing media and creative teams access to shared analytics and insights for optimization and future planning guidance.

When something as simple as the aspect ratio used for product photography can impact the formats and corresponding performance implications for a brand advertiser, planning, buying, and design teams will need to collaborate early and often to ensure success. That’s as true in Brazil as it is elsewhere.

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About Katie Dulle

Katie leads Platform Development for Moat, an analytics and advertising measurement firm in the Oracle Data Cloud.

Previously, Katie led partnerships with Fortune 500 brands at Moat and Spongecell, a Flashtalking company.

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