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Overcoming challenges on mobile apps vs mobile web

With mobile predicted to account for 72% of US Digital Ad Spend by 2019 according to eMarketer, there’s no doubt that mobile is the king of devices. But being king isn’t easy – there are many challenges that come with marketing on mobile.

Bridging the gap between mobile app and mobile web is as difficult as running two different kingdoms – the lack of communication and standardization poses a number of challenges. Yet, for advertisers, unifying the cross-screen experience for users is important.

We sat down with Oracle Data Cloud’s John Dempsey, Senior Director, Oracle ID Graph; Audrey Thompson, Director, Data Science and Mike Schumacher, Senior Director: Data Science for more insights into this topic.

What are the biggest challenges in connecting IDs over mobile?

One of the biggest challenges is there are multiple identifiers for the same device. First, there’s the web environment and the app environment, which are separate. Second, each of these environments presents their own challenges where multiple IDs exist that all represent the same device.

Depending on the type of device you have and the type of browser you use, the behaviors of the identifiers differ. For example, on the web side, Safari browsers (default on iOS devices) block 3rd party cookies by default. All marketers rely on 3rd party cookies to be able to run media and measure campaign effectiveness.

Chrome browsers (default on Android devices and representing 50% of the market) accept 3rd party cookies.

Even in the case of a Chrome browser, a consumer can choose to reset their cookies, which creates another ID for the same device-browser combination. On the app side, all devices (iOS or Android) rely on mobile ad IDs, which can also be reset by the consumer. 

So right off the bat, you have at least two different identifiers on a mobile device and, based on today’s industry standards, we can’t observe the cookie and the mobile ad ID in real-time at the same time.

To truly connect web and app environments, you need access to a massive amount of data, both in terms of the scale of devices seen and the number of times you see them.

How is Oracle Data Cloud working to overcome these challenges?

It’s important to note that most of the AdTech ecosystem has been architected around the cookie and all three brands under Oracle Data Cloud (Bluekai, Datalogix, and AddThis) have been connecting data related to desktop and mobile cookies for a long time, achieving strong global data coverage.

Now, Oracle Data Cloud is leading the market with an innovative approach to connect data across all devices, desktop and mobile. By taking advantage of our in-house scale and our partnerships, we can identify highly accurate links and still maintain valuable scale.

Our biggest advantage at the Oracle Data Cloud is that we collect mobile ad ID link data—both deterministic and probabilistic—and combine this with hundreds of other sources of information about users, online and offline. 

This creates a more complete view of how the mobile in-app and mobile web environments are potentially related and grounded in actual users, rather than generic groups of devices.

We then apply data science algorithms to evaluate the quality of each “candidate” link against known “truths.” 

This allows us to establish the best link for any given identifier as well as establish a probability that each link is accurate.

Linkages that don’t meet the quality threshold are not used and only have the opportunity to be used in the future if new data is received that helps improve the confidence in the linkage.

Why is Oracle Data Cloud well-positioned overcome these challenges?

The Oracle ID Graph, driven by data and data science, gives us a complete picture of a consumer across multiple ID spaces, extending beyond just mobile, and rooted in actual users. 

This holistic view of ID spaces across multiple marketing channels – not just mobile – well-positions us to overcome over-arching industry challenges related to the mobile environment.

By incorporating online and offline ID spaces, we can help advertisers, first, deliver more relevant, unified messaging to actual consumers across more channels and, second, measure the effectiveness of this advertising in driving sales.

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