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Oracle Data Cloud's most-read blog posts of 2015

The winter holidays are here, and with them come lists of all kinds: wish lists, shopping lists – well, the list goes on! In the spirit of the holiday season, we made our own holiday list to celebrate the Oracle Data Cloud blog in the year 2015. Here are the top 10 most-read blogs of the year, as shown by you, our data-driven readers!

1. Cyber Monday and Black Friday Shoppers

This was certainly one of the most read blogs this year – with holiday sales at top of mind for marketers, our infographic detailing cyber monday and black friday shoppers was shared, reviewed and clicked many times over.

2. Interview with Patrick Dolan, COO of the IAB

Our interview with Patrick Dolan was a hit with blog readers this year! Dolan shared his insights from the IAB on 2016 marketing trends, as well as discussing his take on ad-blocking – a hot topic for marketers.

3. Mother’s Day Gift Buyers

Did you know that Mother’s Day is among the top consumer shopping holidays, just behind the winter holiday season and the back to school shopping season? Our infographic on Mother’s Day Gift Buyers was especially helpful for marketers this year.

4. Data Will De-commoditize TV Advertising

This re-post from Oracle Data Cloud's Magazine "Data-Driven: Expert Insights on Driving Smarter Business Action,” by Dave Morgan, CEO, Simulmedia, was well received by our blog readers in 2015! If you missed reading this post, be sure to check it out at the link above.

5. The Graph, Past, Present and Future

Oracle Vice President of Product Management EMEA and CX, Michel Van Woudenberg contributed this guest post, which gave an overview of data graphs, and insight into the Oracle ID Graph. The process of connecting consumer identities is vital to ensure the right person receives the right message. If you missed this blog post this year, be sure to read all about it now!

6. Audience Targeting Strategies and Success Stories in 5 minutes or less

Our Oracle Data Cloud 5 Minute Audience Targeting Primer helped marketers learn more about audience targeting strategies this year. Blog readers were able to see what other organizations have achieved using data in their ad campaigns, resulting in better results, better engagement, and better ROI. You can’t get much better than that!

7. Tales from the Oracle Data Cloud Summit: PlaceIQ’s Duncan McCall on Real World Attribution

This interview series with Oracle Content Marketer Jacqueline McDonough featured discussion with industry leaders at the 2015 Oracle Data Cloud Summit. We had the opportunity to sit down with CEO and Co-Founder of PlaceIQ, Duncan McCall to get the scoop on PlaceIQ’s Place Visit Rate (PVR) product and more.

8. Data Gives Automakers More Shots on Goal

What do hockey, automakers and marketing have in common? This guest blog, contributed by Mike Schumacher, Senior Director: Data Science, Oracle Data Cloud, connected the dots this year to help pinpoint audience targeting.

9. How Content Data Inputs and Programmatic Technology are Changing Account Based Marketing

Ben Barenholtz, Director of Marketing and Communications, DWA, alongside DataXu and Madison Logic Data were featured in this blog post, which was read by many of our blog users, which helped shed some light on the evolving account-based marketing industry.

10. Four Ways Personalization Drives Conversion in Retail Marketing

You might know that leveraging 3rd party data allows the Retailer to understand more about the wallets and behaviors of their customers. This blog post explains how marketers can use these insights to deliver targeted, highly relevant messages to increase conversion.

Check back in early January for a list of 2016 data-driven marketing predictions from Cory Treffiletti, VP Marketing, Oracle Data Cloud!

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