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Pinterest, Snapchat and YouTube: Oracle Data Cloud’s new DLX ROI partnerships

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This week’s blog post is contributed by Kevin Whitcher, Senior Director, Product Management, Oracle Data Cloud.

One of my favorite quotes on measurement is from W. Edward Deming: “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

We take measurement pretty seriously here at Oracle Data Cloud. We see it as our job to allow data-driven marketers to hold their media accountable with robust measurement and are proud to have lead that revolution in the digital space with Oracle Data Cloud’s DLX ROI product.

Now that we’ve announced partnerships that expand that leadership to three of the most intriguing platforms on the Internet – Pinterest, Snapchat and YouTube – we want to share how marketers can manage their ad spend better.

Measure where the eyeballs are.

If our job is to make it easier for innovative marketers to spend their ad budgets smarter and more efficiently, then we have to be able to do that where the marketing innovation is taking place. And right now, consumer eyeballs continue to shift to mobile, video and social—most especially, the combination of those things.

YouTube is synonymous with video and has been the undisputed leader for years, while Snapchat is a gutsy upstart with growth in both users and video views more suited to a platform twice its age. And Pinterest put the 100MM users milestone in its rearview mirror several months ago and is a platform that is built to give consumers a place to go to explore the things they love—and often the brands associated with them.

From Facebook to Snapchat, we now measure the web’s most interesting and highest growth mobile platforms—and those platforms represent the majority of US mobile ad revenues.* We’ll continue to work with our advertiser and publisher partners to extend our measurement product to the most interesting publishers on the internet.

Dig for what’s unique and measure it.

Measuring the most interesting publishers brings a new set of challenges. The stunning valuations the financial markets have given to Pinterest and Snapchat are a result of a tremendous growth in users, high user engagement on those platforms and the advertising revenues that are beginning to fly in.

But users don’t seek out those platforms because of how similar they are to others—it’s the unique value that makes those places a great place for users. As a result, our measurement needs to be flexible and robust enough to answer the interesting questions that reflect the value these growing platforms uniquely deliver to marketers.

How Oracle Data Cloud proved campaign success.

Our YouTube DLX ROI pilot was the first time we adapted DLX ROI to exclusively measure video ads. Their TrueView ad product charges the advertiser for ad impressions the user completes, which means the impressions an advertiser pays for get a unique amount of attention. And also that we’re measuring impressions that were served to users but that the advertiser never paid for.

For Pinterest, we measured the impact of Promoted Pins (paid media) that are saved and live on as earned impressions (unpaid media). Measuring the value of earned impressions means we have to build a good control group for those earned impressions, which is tricky. But doing the work—and doing it well—allows Pinterest to explain the value of both the ads the advertiser paid for as well as the earned media that comes from good creative.

Meanwhile, Snapchat has built a platform that attracts genZ like nothing before it. And they boldly turned down acquisition offers that would make most startups blush in favor of building new features into their product, including Live Stories, Discover, filters and lenses And when a random user in Nebraska uses a Lens to dump a cooler of Gatorade on their friends in celebration of something more mundane than a SuperBowl win, we hope to help Gatorade understand how that drove sales.

Know that the job is never done.

The web thrives on innovation. There will always be new platforms and new, difficult questions on existing platforms. No sooner than this blog drops, the ground will shift beneath us and DLX ROI will need to keep up. We love the challenge of meeting the web’s innovation with our own. Stay tuned.

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*According to eMarketer research.

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