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Oracle Data Cloud’s most-read blogs of 2017

As we near the end of each year, it’s become a tradition for us to reflect back on the previous year of blog posts to better understand what’s most relevant for marketers (check out our 2016 list, here).

So, what were the hottest topics, trends, and insights in 2017?

Did our readers want to know more about the ongoing trend of AdBlockers? Or were they more interested in learning about the newer topic of GDPR?

What were the pain points for digital marketers in 2017? What kept them up at night—and which blogs were deemed most helpful?

Here are our top five blog posts that made the biggest impact this year, in order from most-read:

1. Make your marketing campaign stand out amid holiday ad clutter

The most popular blog this year from Oracle Data Cloud was all about holiday campaigns.

Marketers know that during the holiday season, advertising clutter is higher than ever. And through traditional marketing methods, ad impressions typically increase 50 percent during the holidays.

In this post from September, Oracle Data Cloud analyzed 116 campaigns with diversity of advertisers, publishers, and categories.

Our team found that relevant, data-driven audiences drove more than 80 percent higher incremental sales on average relative to their native target counterparts within the same campaign.

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2. Living the tech life: The 5 Cs of employee engagement

Our teams place a lot of attention and effort on our culture—and it sounds like it’s a topic our readers want to learn more about.

In this blog post from May, Oracle Data Cloud’s Molly Boyer, Director of Internal Communications, breaks down the 5 Cs of employee engagement.

Taking a page from the Ivey Business Journal’s “10 Cs of Employee Engagement,” Molly discusses initiatives focused on engaging our employees and how we work to ensure a connection with our colleagues and our customers in a meaningful way.

Read more tips on improving employee engagement

3. Are your ideas about reach … outdated?

Why rely only on reach when you can add the right dimensions of audience targeting to drive relevance, too?

That’s a question many marketers were asking themselves this year—and this blog post explains that having both relevance and reach in a campaign isn’t out of the question.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The most effective method is often to join forces—to combine the powerful effects of reach and the targeting precision needed for successful online campaigns.

In this post from February, we explain how today’s online marketing capabilities allow advertisers to reach audiences at scale, while using data to prioritize reaching potential buyers.

Download the full Relevant Reach white paper now

4. Target the millennial movie fan for blockbuster results

In this popular blog post from March, it’s clear that millennials are still an in-demand audience for many digital marketers. But it was our twist on targeting moviegoers that really took the cake in 2017.

Turns out, it’s not just movies millennials love. This audience is usually well dressed—purchasing higher-end luxury items at designer retailers. What’s more, their love of travel adds up to an active lifestyle, which means sports equipment is a must.

Marketers were eager to harness this audience’s spending power to drive campaign success through new data insights.

Download our full millennial moviegoers infographic

5. The importance of audience planning

Last but not least, our readers wanted to better understand how to win at audience planning. With so many consumer touchpoints and a less-than-linear path to purchase these days, understanding your audience is vital to cutting through the clutter.

“Reach is a simple numbers game. The more people you reach, the more likely you’re going to drive material response,” said Ben Sylvan, Director of Client Solutions at Oracle Data Cloud. “But, reach in a vacuum isn’t necessarily useful.”

For effective audience planning and strategy, with the goal of empowering your campaign decisions, it’s important to set your objective, then let your data do what it does so well: define and identify your best potential target.

Download our Audience Planning toolkit to cut waste and drive results

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