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  • August 25, 2016

Mobile targeting must-haves from Eyal Yechezkell, OneAudience

Eyal Yechezkell
Founder, OneAudience

In this week’s blog, we asked Eyal Yechezkell, Founder, OneAudience for his view on data-driven, multi-channel connection in 2016 and the true value of mobile.

Oracle: What is the state of mobile programmatic adoption?  How has mobile programmatic opened up in recent years, what challenges still remain?

Eyal Yechezkell: With an exponential increase in mobile inventory, the challenges have multiplied. If everyone has access to the technology that can buy ad space at low costs in real-time, how do you make sure that your mobile ad is the one that gets clicked on? How do you avoid fraud? And how do you ensure your ads are being targeted to real people? 

The tools available to mobile marketers to optimize targeting and spend are rapidly improving.  By deterministically creating audiences, the advertiser is able to focus on media optimization.  Layering Deterministic Audience creation into the mix puts the advertiser steps ahead in combating fraud.

Oracle: How are brands thinking about their mobile mix?  When are they looking to programmatic vs. more “traditional" means of planning/buying mobile media? 

Eyal Yechezkell: Statistics show that over 60% of consumers’ go-to digital media choice is their mobile device. Because consumers turn to mobile first, brands must consider their mobile strategy first. They need to optimize it to efficiently move consumers exactly from point to point, taking them exactly where they want them to go.

Brands need to be thinking about their mobile as a part of their overall integrated marketing strategy. They shouldn’t be providing a siloed mobile experience where they have separate campaign strategy set up for email, display, desktop, and print. Consumers expect a seamlessly integrated brand experience. A brand’s mobile strategy should always be considered in combination with the other disciplines in which they advertise.

Oracle: What is the coolest mobile tactic/campaign that you’ve seen? What’s possible in data-driven mobile that marketers might not be aware of?

Eyal Yechezkell: We have been really impressed by the media that Honeywell is running to promote their new digital thermostats. They are clearly going up against a much more well known and recognized brand. Honeywell is digging deep into the data to identify their target audiences and then being true to these audiences applying a programmatic multi-channel approach. Deterministically and programmatically targeting their acquisition audience across channels. Target, execute, repeat - a simple yet elegant approach. 

Oracle: What is the one thing mobile marketers should be thinking about to take their data-driven mobile strategy to the next level? 

Eyal Yechezkell: In order to take their data-driven mobile strategy to the next level, mobile marketers need to be thinking about how they can make their data work for them. They need to focus on maximizing the capabilities of their data - they need to focus on deterministic matching.

Bringing online, offline, mobile all together to create a single unified view of the consumer. Deterministic matching stretches the capabilities of siloed data by combining it all to make it even more powerful. It’s true when they say the whole is worth more than just the sum of its parts; the data is more impactful when used together than it is when it is used alone.

The next level of marketing involves using this information to take a humanized approach. It involves talking to your consumers like they’re more than just data points; recognizing them as people who you understand on a human level because you have a detailed consumer profile about them. 

About Eyal Yechezkell:

Eyal is a serial entrepreneur having launched several successful products since 1999 that have served millions of online and mobile consumers. As founder and CEO of digital entertainment company Snackable Media, Eyal led the product and business development initiatives including multi-million dollar marketing and media buying deals.

Eyal founded AppJolt in 2014, a unique SDK technology allowing app developers to recapture and re-engage their mobile users. Appjolt was acquired by Bridge Marketing earlier this year where Eyal led the development and launch of the Company’s mobile data intelligence product oneAudience.

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