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Build a winning marketing strategy for the 2018 Winter Games

This week’s guest blog post is contributed by Kristy LaPlante, Retail Solutions Director, Oracle Data Cloud.

Earlier this year, NBC—the network responsible for broadcasting the Winter Games in February 2018—announced a big change in the way they are selling advertising for the upcoming television event.

Rather than selling ads based on household viewership ratings, NBC will employ a total-audience measurement tactic across pre-scheduled linear broadcast and digital viewing platforms.

This comes on the heels of the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro that saw massive declines in linear TV viewership—down 28 percent from the first Saturday of the 2012 summer games in London.

This is good news for savvy digital marketers, who eagerly soak up opportunities to push personalized messages to known and addressable individuals—efficiently and at scale.

By employing a targeted data strategy in TV advertising, everyone from small businesses to enterprise marketing agencies can come out on top of the ad-revenue podium.

Here are three steps you can take to maximize television opportunities for the upcoming season.

1. Create a data-optimized strategy for addressable TV and video-on-demand buys

Applying first- and third-party data to your television buying strategy is the best way to scale your marketing efforts with precision and efficiency during the Games.

Third-party audiences are an especially effective way to narrow down your broad TV buy and reach only those consumers in the right demographic, lifestyle, interest, and purchase categories for your business.

Identify those targets in advance, and add a segment of performance-based customers to your strategy.

2. Align linear TV buys to your digital campaigns

Are you targeting individuals in programmatic display campaigns who demonstrated, via online behaviors, that they are in-market for your products?

Launching Winter Games-flavored copy in Paid Search campaigns?

Sending an email campaign with a Winter Games-themed message?

These are ideal scenarios for driving cross-channel synergies in your media plans.

Once you’ve reached your target audience across the digital media landscape, follow up with relevant messaging across linear national TV.

This ensures your customers receive familiar, targeted, and even sequential messaging across every channel.

3. Apply predictive modeling to your targeted TV strategy

Oracle research across campaigns, publishers, and categories shows that performance-based audience targeting drives an 80 percent increase in incremental sales over average demographic buys.

In addition, services like our privacy-compliant linear TV partnerships allow you to scale your targeted, data-optimized TV buys across 115MM U.S. households, reaching nearly every U.S. consumer.

Coupled with these partners’ viewership prediction platforms, this strategy takes the guesswork out of television media, and drives maximum efficiency in spend.

Learn more about Winter Games audiences from Oracle.com.

You don’t have to wade through all of this data alone. Reach out to us through The Data Hotline to get started, and then let the games begin! (What's The Data Hotline?)

About Kristy LaPlante

Kristy is a retail industry strategist at Oracle Data Cloud. As a thought leader and market voice, she works in close partnership with retail marketers in the discovery and implementation of data-informed audience and measurement strategies.

Kristy delivers powerful insights and perspectives to retail marketers across broad industry initiatives.

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