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How digital marketers can capitalize on the 2018 Winter Games

This week’s guest blog post is contributed by Melissa LaFrance, Senior Client Partner, Media & Entertainment, Oracle Data Cloud.

The 2018 Winter Games are just around the corner, and although they continue to garner some of the highest tune-in ratings of all live events, viewership for the Rio Summer Games was down 15 percent compared to London, according to AdAge.  

Digital channels are increasingly encroaching on linear’s territory.

Post-mortem analysis attributes this decline to the under-35 crowd who streamed the games via digital channels and social platforms like Facebook and Snapchat.

With the 2018 Winter Games opening on the heels of awards season and the Super Bowl, there should be a strong consumer appetite for more top-tier live programming.

But if Rio viewership is any indication, the biggest challenge for advertisers will be how to reach their audience in this rapidly changing media landscape.

Luckily for advertisers, data provides answers

In fact, the data exists to help advertisers understand an array of consumer variables that will help define how and where to reach the right Winter Games fans

For example, advertisers can now understand which websites consumers visit as well as their online behavior.

They also can determine the platforms they interact with most frequently, where they shop, what they buy, and where they go.

In addition, marketers can determine whether fans have cut the cord in favor of consuming content through a provider like Hulu, determine which events fans stream live on their mobile phones, and those they prefer to attend in person.

They can even uncover which fans favor a specific sport or athlete.

Advertisers who leverage this information can make well-informed decisions about their marketing plans, maximizing reach in a relevant way, and target consumers via sponsorship, digital, social, and television accordingly.

We suggest these three action items for marketers hoping to capitalize on the Games:

1) Increase awareness during the 2018 Winter Games

Leverage viewership and online engagement data to target your consumers across traditional and digital channels.   

2) Align your brand with specific events and athletes

Use data to determine which sports and athletes index highly among your customers to align your brand with the right events and competitors.  

3) Develop creative that resonates with fans

Analyze data to determine the platforms your different consumer segments engage with most often and develop ad content accordingly.

As the trend continues away from traditional linear to a more à la carte model, advertisers who take full advantage of the tools available to them will be best prepared to align their brands with the Games, no matter where the torch takes them.

Learn more about Winter Games audiences from Oracle.com. 

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About Melissa LaFrance

Melissa is Senior Client Partner for Oracle Data Cloud’s Media & Entertainment vertical. In this role, she helps networks, studios, and sports leagues leverage data for strategic planning, analytics, and activation.

Melissa previously served in a variety of adtech roles, including data management platform sales at Oracle, business development at PayPal, and corporate and product marketing for demand-side platform, Digilant.

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