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3 Ways marketers can reach grocery shoppers in 2018

With the 2017 Amazon/Whole Foods merger, and Google/Walmart also announcing their partnership, national and regional traditional grocers are really feeling pressure to remain relevant.

Fresh food drives traffic, after all, and grocery retailers have long been the leaders in capturing shopping trips—with the average household making more than 90 trips a year, according to our team’s research. 

But are marketers keeping up with demand from customers? What do grocery shoppers really want from fresh food retailers right now?

Here are our top insights into what shoppers want and some tips for marketers looking to convert loyal shoppers in 2018.


In CPG, the most impactful media spend and performance is built around relevancy.

Use these four targeting and content recommendations to keep your focus on relevancy:

  1. Look for loyalty in moms and young families (looking for ways to save time and find harmony in their day to day), urban professionals, and value-sensitive shoppers. 
  2. Acquire loyal prospects (model current, active online shoppers within your loyalty universe to convert current loyal shoppers to online) and pure prospects (model current, active online shoppers outside of your loyalty universe to convert shoppers into your brand).
  3. Focus on small businesses (B2B taps into a new stream for turnkey, consistent revenue) and retailer-strategic corporate partners and alliances.
  4. Aim for content tailored by segment that is both promotional and equity driven.


It isn’t just about how the retailer wants to sell—it’s about how consumers want to buy. This is where online grocery shopping and curbside pickup come in.

For retailers wanting to win this online space, innovating and investing in user-friendly strategies is critical.

  1. Focus on delivery. Grocers will need to develop smart strategies to entice new customers to join online shopping programs and develop quick delivery and service needs.
  2. Enhance consumer data. Take a hard look at internal data and proactively creating plans to further enhance first-party data to drive strategic competitive plans.
  3. Lower prices. Understanding the price sensitivity of your consumer will have continued importance in the future. Adjusting prices where and when it matters most, or continuing to offer discounts and rewards through other means, is critical.


Brands must evolve their media mix to stay relevant as consumer behavior continues to change and more shopping is done online.

Deploying a sustainable presence and messaging to shoppers where they are consuming media is essential to ultimately winning loyalty and drives sales.

“At Oracle Data Cloud, we call this an ‘Always On’ digital media strategy, developed to support brands utilizing traditional marketing methods and further positioning them in the consideration set at all times,” said Blake Eisler, Client Solutions Director, Oracle Data Cloud. “Consumers now expect personalized experiences.”

Traditional grocery marketing advocates deploying event-based and ad-hoc digital marketing to support seasonal, promotional, or branding campaigns.

While this strategy drives short-term success and flashes in occasional customers, there is an increased importance on meeting the ever-changing need for the modern-day consumer to drive brand loyalty and repeat business.

Here are the exact steps on the journey to “Always On” marketing (and see these in action with our Lowes Foods case study):

  1. Identify who we want to talk to and why
  2. Develop audiences allowing for relevancy and scale
  3. Determine the most relevant addressable media channels and platforms
  4. Recommend media budgets based on best practices and available funds
  5. Develop communication and content to support guest contact strategy
  6. Activate the guest centric segments on their channels
  7. Measure using DLX ROI

“What I refer to as the ‘holy trinity’ and listening to the right data signals to optimize the program over time will drive a winning Always On program: audience optimization, media optimization, and creative optimization,” says Blake.

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