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How Lowes Foods leverages data to connect with consumers, part 2

This week’s guest blog post is abstracted from the original written by Blake Eisler, Client Solutions Director, Oracle Data Cloud, for The Data Summit 2017 thought leadership journal. (Read part one of this series).

Recommend media budgets based on best practices and available funds

The two known variables are your total addressable universe size or a fixed budget. Depending on which is leading the discussion will drive the appropriate budget to support the Always On plan objectives. Estimating reach and frequency goals by channel along with the associated cost models will determine the plan budget.

Develop communication and content to support guest contact strategy

The infrastructure of this plan enables segment-level tailored content and creative messaging. This is probably the largest undertaking to support a media plan that is live year-round and ensure the most impactful media impression served. Make it count. Relevancy and strategy for each audience segment plus refreshed content are critical to creative success.

For Lowes Foods, the ability to develop and control creative, which is part of their brand DNA, is very important. Every creative asset developed embodies their brand values and is consistent across all channels.

Activate the guest centric segments on their channels

Oracle Data Cloud develops all the identified audience segments and pushes them to the designated media partners and platforms. The Always On campaign launches through the support of the media partners and agencies.

It’s monitored by reviewing weekly delivery and ensuring the media is optimized by reach and frequency. The balance between audience size and respective budget is only actualized when the media is running and optimizations are made to maximize reaching as many unique households as possible during the campaign.

Measure using DLX ROI

Always On success is measured via DLX ROI mapping campaign exposure back to in-store sales. Reported data from DLX ROI exclusively represents guest households that are tied back to the Fresh Rewards loyalty card and matched to the ODC ID Graph™.

Within that universe of data we can identify what digital channels, custom audiences, Lowes Foods loyalty segments, media placements, etc., are responding positively to ad exposure. While there are some changes from quarter to quarter, on a macro level, loyalty shoppers are responding with increased spend and trips across all customer and target segments designed for the campaign.

Always listen to the signals

What I refer to as the “holy trinity” and listening to the right data signals to optimize the program over time will drive a winning Always On program: audience optimization, media optimization and creative optimization.

Leveraging Oracle Data Cloud’s extensive network of integrations, Lowes Foods planned a 100 percent guest-centric, targeted approach enabling continuous connection with their guests in the most relevant way.

This became Lowes Foods “Always On” digital media activation. Rather than deploying event-based, ad-hoc digital marketing to support Lowes Foods guest engagement, we turned the digital media spend on and kept it running. The infrastructure of this plan enables media accuracy and minimizes waste, which is crucial for a regional chain budget conscious when it comes to advertising spend.

About Blake Eisler

Blake is a vertical leader for digital strategy and solutions for CPG Retail brands. She leads team engagement with clients to leverage data and insights to optimize their targeted and measurable paid addressable media strategy. 

Prior to Oracle Data Cloud, Blake spent many years at Horizon Media and The Vidal Partnership in NY, developing digital and mobile media strategies for accounts such as Jack-in-the-Box, AETN, Crown Imports, Sprint Nextel and The Home Depot.

Read more from Blake in part one of this series.

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