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How Lowes Foods leverages data to connect with consumers (Part 1)

This week’s guest blog post is contributed by Blake Eisler, Client Solutions Director, Oracle Data Cloud.

With competitive pressure on the rise and consumer behavior ever-changing, we turn to digital media to support Retailer’s advertising initiatives especially across industry verticals who have traditionally relied on weekly circulars and print.

While data tells us that generationally some continue to engage with this medium, organizations must evolve their media mix to stay relevant as consumer behavior continues to change and more shopping is done online.

Deploying a sustainable presence and messaging to shoppers where they are consuming media is essential to ultimately win loyalty and drives sales.

At Oracle Data Cloud, we call this an “Always On” digital media strategy, developed to support brands utilizing traditional marketing methods and further positioning them in the consideration set at all times. Consumers now expect personalized experiences.

Brands must deliver those to stay top of mind.

Grocery retailers are a good example of where an Always On strategy can deliver huge payoffs.

Traditional grocery marketing advocates deploying event-based and ad-hoc digital marketing to support seasonal, promotional or branding campaigns.

While this strategy drives short-term success and flashes in occasional customers, there is an increased importance on meeting the ever-changing need for the modern-day consumer to drive brand loyalty and repeat business.

To bring this concept to life, let’s highlight a Retailer who exemplifies the strategic setup and set out on a journey to turn on their media 365 days a year. 

Lowes Foods is an authentically local, regional grocery retailer chain with 77 stores in the southeastern U.S.

The retailer recently embarked on a rebranding journey to drive deeper engagement with a loyal shopper base and differentiate the shopping experience in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

They’re competing with top-profile grocery brands like Harris TeeterFood LionPublix and Wegmans but also differentiated formats such as Whole FoodsBlue Apron and Amazon.

Steps on the journey to “Always On” marketing

Lowes Foods needed incremental and relevant media channels to share their brand story with their current guests and prospects. And so the digital journey began for Lowes Foods.

Identify who we want to talk to and why

Data-driven marketing is a core tenet for Lowes Foods to know who their guests are, what drives their buying behaviors and how to keep them engaged and loyal.

Marrying Lowes Foods extensive first-party dataset from their loyalty card and Oracle Data Cloud’s extensive wealth of third-party data, the partnering organizations created a 360-degree view of Lowes Foods most engaged guests.

Develop audiences allowing for relevancy and scale

After a detailed review of their household guest segmentation, alignment of fiscal objectives and a thorough audit of the seasonal/promotional/marketing calendar, we identified audiences such as (but not limited to):

Health & Wellness guests, Value guests, Competitive Blunting (store specific builds), Lowes Foods to Go Prospects and Premium Foodies.

Determine the most relevant addressable media channels and platforms

To begin a plan of this scale and infrastructure, both display programmatic ads and social media channels—Facebook and Instagram—were selected for activation.

Lowes Foods is leveraging display ads as an “online billboard” supporting the prospect audiences and helping to build brand awareness.

All creative assets created are static and yield a similar overlap to their out of home advertising.

Facebook and Instagram, originally intended for organic marketing (bringing their in-store community table online), is now driving affection for the brand in a scalable way by consistently reaching the guest through these powerful ad platforms.

Read the results from our research in part two of this series.
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About Blake Eisler

Blake is a vertical leader for digital strategy and solutions for CPG Retail brands. She leads team engagement with clients to leverage data and insights to optimize their targeted and measurable paid addressable media strategy.

Prior to Oracle Data Cloud, Blake spent many years at Horizon Media and The Vidal Partnership in NY, developing digital and mobile media strategies for accounts such as Jack-in-the-Box, AETN, Crown Imports, Sprint Nextel and The Home Depot.

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