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Let’s think outside the bike when targeting cyclists

This week’s blog is contributed by Branded Data Provider, AmeriBase.

One of the major challenges for marketers using data is taking a look at the full picture. One example would be the buying behavior of cyclists – while at first this audience may seem straightforward, there are other ways of targeting that you may not have considered. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Some obvious conclusions can be made for cyclists, such as bicycle owners buying cycling gear and equipment, or health and fitness related purchases. While this information is valuable, it really only scratches the surface of how we can maximize the use of this data.

The simple truth is, cyclists aren’t just interested in bike gear. For marketers, a smart way to utilize data on bike owners and users would be to tap into, “trip related expenditures.” This can include food and drink purchased at rest stops on a long bike journey, as well as any entertainment or lodging related to a cyclists’ trip or commute. For example, a study from the Clean Air Partnership on bike lanes in New York has shown that not only do customers arriving by foot and bicycle visit retail locations more often on average than their car driving counterparts, but spend more per month.

In fact, the Outdoor Foundation found that the bicycling recreation economy produces $46.9 Billion in trip-related expenditures annually. The amount of retail and service industry companies that fall into that category is quite significant, and could be a great addition to a marketer’s campaign.

Leverage this data to think outside the bike when targeting this audience. When you couple these insights with the wealth of demographic data also associated with segments, like cyclists, you can build a powerful tool to expand and improve your current campaign strategy.

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