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  • May 25, 2016

Insights from eMarketer’s Bryan Yeager on the Oracle Data Cloud Summit, challenges in customer connection, and more

The Oracle Data Cloud Summit is just weeks away – on June 7, data industry experts from around the world will gather in New York to talk all things data-driven.

In advance of this event, we sat down with Bryan Yeager, Senior Analyst with eMarketer, a leading research firm providing data, insights and analysis for marketing in a digital world, to discuss the event, as well as some challenges facing marketers in 2016.

Oracle: One of the themes we will see address at the Oracle Data Cloud Summit is connecting to the consumer. What do you see as the digital marketer’s greatest challenge in doing just that? How does data factor in?

Yeager: There are two primary challenges digital marketers face connecting to today’s consumers. One is that consumers have so many different touch points to interact and engage with brands today and a growing expectation for a consistent and often personalized experience no matter the channel they use. That means more channels from which marketers have to gather, parse and analyze data.

The other challenge, especially for enterprise companies, is when customer and marketing data is dispersed across departments or lines of business, prohibiting a comprehensive view of those relationships and risking a disjointed experience. Bringing data from these disparate platforms and organizational areas together can help unlock an incredible amount of value by enabling marketers to engage with audiences in smart and useful ways instead of being distracting, repetitive or irrelevant.

Customer journey mapping is one tactic we see growing in popularity among marketers to help them analyze the full scope of how consumers are connecting with them and surfacing the pain points across those journeys to be optimized.

Oracle: What are you hoping to walk away from the Oracle Data Cloud Summit with, aside from one of our awesome T-shirts?

Yeager: I’m excited to hear about the progress that’s being made in attaining the highly coveted but rarely accomplished goal of getting a single view of the customer. It’s a challenge that’s vexed marketers for decades and it’s only become more complicated with the proliferation of digital and mobile touch points.

Based on the research I look at and the conversations I have with marketers, they’re getting closer to meeting that objective and I look forward to hearing about some of those advances at the Oracle Data Cloud Summit.

About Bryan Yeager

Bryan Yeager is a senior analyst with eMarketer, a leading research firm providing data, insights and analysis for marketing in a digital world. He is the author of more than 20 in-depth market intelligence reports and responsible for monitoring and reporting on key trends including mobile payments, marketing technology, personalization, immersive experiences, digital identity and other emerging areas at the intersection of digital marketing, media and commerce.

Mr. Yeager has 10 years of experience in market research, forecasting, analysis, consulting and product development. He is a frequent speaker at industry events and is regularly quoted on emerging digital trends in top-tier media outlets.

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